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Scaphoid in a sentence

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Similar words: xiphoidtyphoidlymphoidparatyphoidtyphoid feverlymphoid tissuehemorrhoidhaemorrhoidMeaning: ['skæfɔɪd] adj. shaped like a boat. 
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1. Congenital bipartite scaphoid is a very rare condition.
2. Avascular necrosis of scaphoid is related to various etiologies .
3. Congenital bipartite scaphoid does exist apart from traumatic pseudoarthrosis of the scaphoid and must be considered in the differential diagnosis of fracture of scaphoid.
4. Rotational displacement of scaphoid fractures during screw implantation can be prevented by the placement of a second eccentric Kirschner wire before scaphoid drilling and screw placement.
5. Percutaneous fixation of acute scaphoid fractures is contraindicated in cases in which adequate reduction cannot be achieved in a closed manner.
6. We divided the fracture into two types: simple scaphoid bone fracture and fracture with rotate dislocation.
7. RPSRBGFGP is fit for the scaphoid bone fracture that there is spatium and cartilage defection after fracture bone grafting .
8. Tumors of the scaphoid bone are very rare and their treatment has not been well established.
9. The anatomy of scaphoid bone, the traumatic mechanism(, X—ray findings and its relative signs were also discussed.
10. Conclusion:Ultrasonography is a reliable method for early detection of carpal scaphoid fracture.
11. Hand drilling also decreases the risk of breaking off a guide wire in the scaphoid.
12. According to the position: proximal end 5, intermediate part 45, distal end 4. We divided the fracture into two types: simple scaphoid bone fracture and fracture with rotate dislocation.
13. The clear articular cartilage formation between the division of the right scaphoid was found during surgery.
14. Objective:This study was designed to observe the hollow with lag screw fixation of fresh Chinese Medicine Steaming treatment of scaphoid bone fracture treatment.
15. Objective: Through comparative study hollow tension screw and plaster cast asked for fresh scaphoid bone fracture, to evaluate the clinical efficacy of the hollow tension screw surgical methods.
16. It is an effective operation method to treat nonunion of scaphoid bone.
17. Objective To investigate the surgical procedures for treatment of old scaphoid fracture.
18. According to the survey results, only 6.7% of those who responded shared identical scaphoid imaging strategies. Of the 105 institutions, most (78.1%) did not have a fixed imaging protocol.
19. This method is one of the options for management of the early scaphoid avascular necrosis. But it is not the best method.
20. What is much easier to miss, is a break in the scaphoid – one of the bones within the hand – which is also vulnerable to damage from a fall on to the palm.
21. Objective To search an effect method to treat Carpal Scaphoid Bone Nonunion (CSBN) , according to clinical observation and analysis of three treating methods to CSBN .
22. Mainly composed of skin and cartilage, it has lots of dips, each with its own name, such as the scaphoid fossa, triangular fossa and concha.
23. Conclusion It is an effective operation method to treat nonunion of scaphoid bone.
24. The General Hospital of CPAPF Subjective:In order to choice available surgical method of old fracture of scaphoid bone(FNSB) in highlands and bring the role of periosteum ossification into full play.
25. This study tested the null hypothesis that computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have the same diagnostic performance characteristics for the diagnosis of scaphoid fractures.
26. Objective To evaluate the clinical effect of autogenous red bone marrow in treatment of old fracture of scaphoid bone.
27. The screw length should be sufficiently shorter than the measured length of the scaphoid to allow for complete implantation of the screw in the bone.
28. Internal fixation must be placed down the central axis of the scaphoid, not only to achieve the best strength but also to avoid penetrating the scaphocapitate joint.
29. Objective To introduce the treatment and its outcome of non union of carpal scaphoid fracture by transfer of the first metacarpal bone bar with fascial pedicle.
30. Thus, early diagnosis and igilant care of an acute scaphoid fracture are warranted .
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