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Scala in a sentence

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1. Even La Scala, where an opening-night stall seat goes for £500, rarely comes close to breaking even.
2. Some houses, like La Scala, are very good for opera but terrible for orchestral music.
3. The La Scala crowd cheered and threw flowers to the 57 year old tenor.
4. The papers screamed superlatives, and La Scala, sulking after a resounding flop with Don Carlos, scowled and spat.
5. Maria della Scala in Siena as a foundling.
6. As you learn Scala, you come to understand that it is the product of carefully considered design decisions, exploiting the state of the art in type theory, OOP and FP.
7. Scala offers quite different capabilities, the integration of Object Oriented with the Functional programming style.
7. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
8. Scala may also work with older versions of Java but there is not formal testing done for those situations.
9. Scala can usually infer the return type of the method (but not the types of the method arguments), so we drop the explicit declaration.
10. Scala regards a method with the equals sign before the body as a function definition and a function always returns a value in functional programming.
11. Scala was a meritorious public servant.
12. She is directing Verdi's opera "La Traviata" at La Scala next year.
13. According to Dotty, Fairchild, while still in short trousers, had played Slightly in the Scala production of 1922.
14. Beyond the cathedral and the little churches, visitors can walk up the mountainside to the tiny, medieval village of Scala.
15. The singer, for instance, believed himself to be a great tenor performing before an adoring audience at La Scala.
16. Smaller parts vary in quality, but hardly suggest that La Scala were casting from strength.
17. We will visit the Sforza-Castle, the magnificent gothic Cathedral and the well known La Scala opera house.
18. RAY FREEMAN: In nineteen fifty, Maria Callas performed for the first time at the famous La Scala opera house in Milan, Italy.
19. He's one of today's top Italian tenors, singing in all the big houses: La Scala, the Met, Covent Garden.
20. The posterior arch of stapes was situated in the prozone of scala.
21. To be more precise, the array reference cannot be changed to point to a different Array, but the array itself can be modified, as shown in the following scala session.
22. Red blood cells in CSF can reach perilymphatic space through the cochlear canal, and widely distribute in scalae tympani and scala vestibuli after lateral ventricle puncture.
23. The backslash is actually a method of the class scala.xml.Elem.
24. The Hotel Is Situated Between The Cathedral And La Scala Theatre, Overlooking The Famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, In The Financial And Commercial Heart Of The City.
25. It is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the shopping arcade that connects Piazza Duomo and Piazza La Scala, where this pavilion is going to get build.
26. If an application needs to have both instances of a type as well as some kind of "global" instance, a Scala application will allow both a class definition and an object definition of the same name.
27. Here is a summary of the rules for when explicit type annotations are required in Scala.
28. By using the underscore (remember the wildcard character in Scala?), you effectively tell the Scala compiler that all of the members inside BigInteger should be brought into scope.
29. Seeing a Verdi opera here would be most magical of all, considering that many of Verdis most famous works including Otello and Falstaff received their premieres at La Scala.
30. For most of the time, that might have been true, but it wasn't in the case of Louis Scala.
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