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Running time in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-10-22Updated:2017-10-22
Similar words: runningspringtimeclosing timetesting timerunning shoerunning sorerunning gamedaylight saving timeMeaning: n. the length of time that a movie or tv show runs. random good picture
(1) The programme's running time is 94 minutes.
(2) He turns a daunting running time to advantage, crafting each episode into a romantic cliffhanger.
(3) Under epistatic genetic model, however, the running time is very long.
(4) The efficiency, test heat rate , continuous running time and so on, set a new record of domestic large capacity unit.
(5) Architecture parallelization can decrease the long running time of GA for time - critical conditions.
(6) LONGER RUNNING TIME. Electric regenerative braking as first brake.
(7) The advancement running time carries on the computation take the time piece as the unit.
(8) Piggybacking on the running time saver, for your weigh-lifting workouts, try adapting it to a home workout.
(9) VOLT BATTERY PACK . Provides 40 % more running time.
(10) The algorithm running time is a logarithmic function of the number of linkage axes.
(11) LONGER RUNNING TIME. Regenerative braking.
(12) The new service will cut 14 minutes off the running time of the journey.
(13) It has had loads of trouble finding a distributor in the United States, no doubt due to its three-hour running time.
(14) It commits the industry to shut down its 19 reactors after an average running time of 32 years.
(15) Use lined paper for this, and reckon each line as one second of running time.
(16) In the large scale network, a logical synchronous network should be setup automatically at running time in order to synchronize the clocks of the nodes.
(17) According to the example of project, the evaporative cooling can reduce mechanical refrigeration requirements and running time greatly.
(18) For example, some types of vehicle spend a considerable proportion of their running time at high torque in low gear.
(19) Reserchers working at program analysis find that loop is kernel of applications such as multimedia, and almost occupies 90 percents of whole program running time.
(20) Therefore, it is possible to determine indirectly the turning angle of robot according to the speed, running time of motor, and provides the angle parameters for the path planning of robot.
(21) The simulated experiment indicates that STBMR's tree'cost is up to 4% more than KPP, while average running time is 54% less than it.
(22) T - Rex even squanders much of its abbreviated 50 minute running time.
(23) The simulation result shows that, the real-time bus running navigation strategy has good performance under the situation of good control of the route segment running time.
(24) And this was just a formal way of describing the best case running time and in the case of Selection Sort, what was the best case running time?
(25) The algorithm provides the possibility of reducing the size of the search tree and running time.
(26) Compared with discernibility matrix algorithm, this algorithm greatly reduces running time and memory space.
(27) Optimizations such as exclusive method for computational mesh during identification of collisions can reduce the running time to 0.75% of that before optimization, without increscent relative error.
(28) Process control block may contain the following information : process, and priority number, the arrival time, the running time, CPU time used, the process of the state and so on.
(29) In order to lower the scale of the problem and shorten the running time of algorithm, we propose a problem-dividing method based on minimum spanning tree to solve the TSP.
(30) The algorithm used here considers the nondeterminacy of data and hence can overcome the shortcomings of existing algorithms. It is automatic, direct and effective, and needs less running time.
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