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Run for it in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: run forbe in for itgun forunfoldunforcedunformedunfoldingunforeseen
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1. I decided to make a run for it .
2. Run for it he's got a gun!
3. He made a run for it and, bam, they shot him in the leg.
4. Look. The train's in. We'll have to run for it now.
5. Then she could jump out and make a run for it.
6. Riney decided to make a run for it and escaped, crashing through a glass window in the process.
7. Already soaked, he decided he would make a run for it.
8. They're going to make a run for it, she thought.
9. Hurry! Run for it !
10. Now was the time to make a run for it , for better for worse!
11. One jump, and you're out, and we'll run for it like antelopes.'
12. You'd better run for it before anyone else arrives.
13. Won't everybody just make a run for it and bust the bank?
14. Pongo : He is right, Colonel, we'd better run for it.
15. It looks like rain; we'd run for it.
16. Whip over, and we'll run for it.'
17. Cody, get out, run for it.
18. The roof started to fall down and they started to run for it.
19. A helicopter hovered overhead as one of the gang made a run for it.
20. If she laid a hand on him, what could he do besides run for it?
21. Through her tears she saw Garry scaling the wall as he made a run for it.Sentencedict
22. Bothshe has sized them up as well-are strong and quite capable of catch ing her if she makes a run for it.
23. Once I pulled a job, I was so stupid. I picked a guy's pocket on an airplane and made a run for itRodney Dangerfield 
24. If you were Brimmer, how would you plan an escape if you ever had to make a run for it?
25. Debbie saw her uptown train and decided to make a run for it.
26. " Where's the fire , dear boy? " Dick drawled. " Do we really have to run for it? "
27. Eventually he would have to stop. Then she would run for it.
28. She works with mice and they had escaped and were a run for it.
29. The roof started to fall down and they started run for it.
30. The bridge began to fall down and the people It'started to run for it.
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