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Rube in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-11-05Updated:2017-11-05
Similar words: rubellarub elbows withtubecubeuberpubestuberyou betMeaning: [ruːb] n. not very intelligent or interested in culture. 
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1. He's no rube. He's a very smart guy.
2. I felt like a rube but nobody discriminated me.
3. Still, by now Rube wasn't really a stranger and I didn't want to be seenasmean - spiritedinsuchaposh restaurant.
4. I asked Rube how she managed to afford to dine out at this swanky place.
5. But you can call me Rube, she simpered from the other side of the table.
6. He can be very rube in private, though he is usually polite in public.
7. You ( Be ) should to wap ( rube ) all areas of the hands for about 10 to 15 seconds.
8. We kept saying Rube Goldberg, but I found this English guy named W.
9. Neither Rube nor I were married and we soon became very friendly.
10. The era of the backwoods rube is gone.
11. Another Rube Goldberg machine, it was to be built like a pier.
12. But if Rube Goldberg machines and video poetry aren't quite your cup of tea, how about this.
13. Never before had I felt so threatened and vulnerable, like a rube up from the farm for the first time.
14. They had been standing around the table like two rubes with the sense knocked out of them.
15. Even in the place you call Twentynine Malls[ ], the rubes are smart enough to figure that one out.
16. Pomeranz characterized a $150-billion plan to channel water from the Yangtze to parched Beijing and other fast-growing northern areas as a "big Rube Goldberg contraption."
17. They are a result of the way that the brain, a Rube Goldberg mental contraption, processes memory.
18. To illustrate the burden of European economic regulations, for example, she describes the Rube Goldberg-like process of attempting to purchase a car in Paris.
19. Once the hero of Jefferson , the virtuous husbandman, he was the rube, the hick,( the hayseed.
20. Nolan's strange wizardry has given rise to a psychic Rube Goldberg contraption that plays like a rousing "Star Wars" episode for smart people of all ages.
21. For one thing, it's hard to believe that the Rube Goldberg financial engineering the statement proposes can really resolve the Greek crisis, let alone the wider European crisis.
22. The final formula had the appearance of being some miraculous Rube Goldberg collection of items that by some happy accident worked.
23. A cross between that and maybe a little-known film we saw on Rube Goldberg and his ways.
24. Now the international system has come to depend on what looks more like a global Rube Goldberg machine running on hot money.
25. Other countries representative: Look at him, he's just like a rube!
26. They seem like terribly serious versions of what has come to be known as Rube Goldberg machines.
27. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rube remarks.
28. The system is more complex. What has been legislated is a Rube Goldberg contraption.
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