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Rubbery in a sentence

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Sentence count:55Posted:2017-04-22Updated:2017-04-22
Synonym: cartilaginousgristlyrubberlikeSimilar words: shrubberyrubberrubber eraserblubberrobberygrubbyrubblescrubbyMeaning: ['rʌbərɪ] adj. 1. having an elastic texture resembling rubber in flexibility or toughness 2. difficult to chew. random good picture
1. They leaned against each other on rubbery legs.
2. The eggs were overcooked and rubbery.
3. Cameron thought of the wee man's rubbery face, his busy scurrying movements - his compulsive drinking.
4. Something about his rubbery features and squeaky voice trigger my cootie detector.
5. He had large rubbery lips.
6. Her legs look puffed up, rubbery, but they keep moving.
7. And you can't top that smell-the sweet, dry, rubbery, wet, woolly smell of fresh underlay.
8. He smiled without showing his teeth, a rubbery lip-smile.
9. The steak was a little rubbery.
10. They ran, on rubbery legs, through an open gate and across a dirt yard towards the lit window.
11. Alan had backed away until he'd felt the rubbery darkness looming behind him.
12. He was a tall man with a craggy, rubbery face which twisted and turned, often into a sardonic grin.
13. The steering wheel felt elastic and rubbery in his hands.
14. Disappointing; sweet, rubbery bouquet and a dominating, coarse, fiery spirit with a nasty aftertaste to it.
15. The result was a gummy, rubbery cake with a slick of moisture on top.
16. This makes the hollow stem go rubbery for a few seconds, but then it just stiffens up straight as it cools.
17. The white, rubbery fluid spread over the metal skin, hiding the crater from view.
18. Similarly, in the rubbery state the shear modulus of all polymers depends primarily upon the density of cross-links.
19. Wipe down and then dry the gasket the rubbery band around the doorthe cold inside.
20. The texture of a banana tree is rubbery and is softer than a person's shin.
21. Potato chips aren't rubbery and blubbery like fat, they're crispy and crunchy like lettuce, that proves they're diet food!
22. The mask is left on for about 15 minutes while it sets to a rubbery texture.
23. Bombay Coarse and raw on the nose with sweet rubbery notes but little perceptible juniper.
24. The head, if that's what it is, is crowned with a tuft of rubbery antennae serving various functions.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. The stone within can be peeled away as before - it feels rubbery and soft.
26. Performing will be rockers Ash Black and Thrust, accompanied by the latest in rubbery attire provided by Hydra.
27. The final proof, or perhaps the first, is the chub's big mouth and thick white rubbery lips.
28. Leaning against the Ping-Pong table, he picked up the stethoscope and felt its peculiar rubbery tubes.
29. What did the scavengers think of this intrusion into their domain by a rubbery multi-octopus?
30. And even a non- biology major could tell the rubbery item with the tentacles was obviously related to an octopus.
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