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Roman emperor in a sentence

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Similar words: roman empireholy roman empireeastern roman empirewestern roman empireottoman empireemperoremperor penguinromanesqueMeaning: n. sovereign of the Roman Empire. 
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1. The cult of the Roman emperor was sacrilege to Jews and Christians.
2. It's like that Roman Emperor who made his horse into a consul.
3. Hadrian Road was named after the Roman emperor who, we agreed, must have genetically bequeathed to us some superlative qualities.
4. He would have made a good bad Roman Emperor.
5. This is the only example portraying a Roman Emperor which has survived intact from such an early age.
6. But, in A . D .393, a Roman emperor stopped the Games.
7. According to one story the Roman Emperor in the A . D . 200's forbade young men to marry.
8. In 393 AD, the Roman emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, abolished the Games because of their great influences.
9. January 24,1742: Charles VII Albert becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
10. Holy Roman emperor (1212-1250) and king of Sicily (1198-1250) as Frederick I. He led the Sixth Crusade (1228-1229), capturing Jerusalem, and was in continual conflict with the papacy.
11. Holy Roman emperor (1440-1493) and king of Germany as Frederick IV. His efforts to expand the empire were generally unsuccessful.
12. Named for the Roman emperor who commissioned it in A.D. 122, Hadrian's Wall stretches 73 miles (117 kilometers) across northern England from coast to coast.
13. Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva.
14. The reign of Roman Emperor Nero was a reign of terror.
15. Vespasian, a Roman emperor, came up with the idea of building the Colosseum.
16. In A. D. 394 the Roman emperor Theodosius I ordered them stopped.
17. Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor but called in Spain Carlos I, extended his crown to other places in Europe and the rest of the world.
18. In 394 AD, the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius abolished the games, as pagan festivals.
19. At that time, the Roman Emperor Claudius II was cruel and involved in many wars.
20. He left with the boy's quilt across his shoulder, swaggering like a Roman emperor.
21. Signor fragolli was a large man with a deeply lined muscular face and a large hooked nose like a Roman Emperor.
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22. Anyone entering the shrine committed the insult of literally stepping on the head of the Roman emperor.
23. He ought to be jolly, but in fact he's a bully, pettish, pampered like a Roman emperor.
24. Constantine I, baptized on his deathbed, was the first Christian Roman emperor.
25. King of France (55-547) who waged four wars against Holy Roman Emperor Charles V from 52 to 544. A patron of the arts, he reigned during the Renaissance in France.
26. That is true, in a way: he was arrested after Henry VIII made known his feelings to the Holy Roman Emperor who was sovereign of the Low Countries.
27. The Roman's governing was considered legitimacy, and riders with the title Roman Emperor were regarded as orthodox and licit ones.
28. Adopted son of the Emperor Pius,Marcus Aurelius himself became Roman emperor for almost 20 years until his death in 180 AD.
29. While you get some happiness and income bonuses from being in the Pope's good graces, the real plum here is that the Pope can confer victory on you by declaring you Holy Roman Emperor.
30. In aD 393, the Games were ended at the order of the roman Emperor Theodosius.
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