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Rightful in a sentence

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Sentence count:105+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Synonym: lawfulrightfultrueSimilar words: frightfulrightfullyinsightfuldelightfuldelightfullythoughtfulunthoughtfulthoughtfullyMeaning: ['raɪtfʊl] adj. 1. legally valid 2. having a legally established claim. random good picture
1. The stolen car was returned to its rightful owner .
2. Who is the rightful owner of this?
3. Every book and ornament was returned to its rightful place when we had finished painting the room.
4. The painting was restored to its rightful owner.
5. Amy protested she was being cheated of her rightful share.
6. I'll return the money to its rightful owner .
7. She has a rightful claim to the property; it was her mother's.
8. Surely they have a rightful claim on their father's land?
9. He was cheated of his rightful inheritance.
10. The property was adjudged to the rightful owner.
11. He has been restored to his rightful place in the community.
12. She has no rightful claim to the title.
13. Don't forget that I am the rightful owner of this house.
14. He was cheated out of his rightful inheritance.
15. He protested he was being cheated of his rightful share.
16. The painting has now been returned to its rightful owner.
17. And who is the paintings' rightful owner?
18. After a few days its rightful owner came to collect it and informed her that it was in fact a ferret.
19. For that reason, it could not take its rightful place in my heart.
20. George sat at the head of the table, in his rightful place as their leader.
21. He accused his younger brother of trying to steal his rightful inheritance.
22. The Baltics' own democratic traditions would help them to regain their rightful place in Europe.
23. The police have now restored the painting to its rightful owner.
24. The stolen painting has now been returned to its rightful owner.
25. In addition, art thefts are likely to be pursued by their rightful owners for well over twenty years.
26. A marked increase in their power would challenge what he surely considered his rightful position within the Yorkist polity.
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27. The president should indeed go first; it is his responsibility and rightful role.
28. The princes had obviously refused to select their prince as Phoenix King although he was obviously the rightful heir to Aenarion.
29. Why, for instance, does Dahlia continue to control the purse strings after Ella is revealed as the rightful heir?
30. Every one of them sprang back, mended, into its rightful place in the line.
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