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Right-handedness in a sentence

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Sentence count:10Posted:2019-03-12Updated:2019-03-12
Similar words: right-handedlightheadednessleft-handednesshigh-handednesshandednesslightheartednesshigh-mindednessright handMeaning: n. preference for using the right hand. 
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1, But right-handedness dominates the population far more, about eight-to-one, so that's either not related or it's affected by cultural influence.
2, Does it assume right-handedness, or literacy, or a password, or a place to throw it away?
3, Age, sex, gender, left or right-handedness and nationality cannot be determined from handwriting.
4, Of 158 stencils in the French cave of Gargas, 136 have been identified as left, and only 22 as right; right-handedness was therefore heavily predominant.
5, But this evolutionary mechanism combining dissymmetry, anatomy, and chance does not provide an adequate explanation of why right-handedness should have become predominant...
6, Olivia: I read an interesting theory about that. It talked about the evolutionary origins of preferential3 right-handedness in humans.
7, If asked to explain the significance of this preference most people reply that it is obviously the result of the predominance of right-handedness in the population.
8, Then they began to talk about left- handedness and right-handedness.
9, In the 1860s the French surgeon Paul Broca noted a relationship between right-handedness and left-hemispheric brain specialization for language abilities.
10, Why do humans, virtually alone among all animal species,[] display a distinct left or right-handedness?
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