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Resurfacing in a sentence

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1. They saw a German submarine resurfacing near their warship.
2. George struggled wildly, going under and resurfacing at regular intervals.
3. It was expected that identifying and resurfacing slippery roads would reduce skidding accidents by 1800 a year.
4. The cost of resurfacing a damaged playground is enormous.
5. The project went into cold storage, periodically resurfacing over the next six years only to sink once more.
6. In the routine maintenance revenue account the resurfacing of Beech Hill and the construction of a footpath were being treated as priorities.
7. Now blended with Orthodoxy, such ancient beliefs are resurfacing.
8. With demands for devolution resurfacing, this problem is unlikely to go away in the foreseeable future.
9. Many villages are now resurfacing dirt roads to improve connections and ease travel further.
10. Machines for resurfacing ice rinks and parts and fittings therefor.
11. These divas are resurfacing, however, in a music industry more geared toward beats and instrumental hooks than dynamic singing.
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12. Poignancy was largely subsumed into world-weariness, resurfacing in spasms of authenticity.
13. Conclusions: Biologic resurfacing of the glenoid can provide pain relief similar to total shoulder arthroplasty.
14. Sam's resurfacing will strengthen the Charlton team's defensive ability with the Martin - gram Laney 's alliance.
15. Titania probably underwent an early endogenic resurfacing event which obliterated its older, heavily cratered surface.
16. Dermabrasion , laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, and some topical treatments can restore skin, giving it a smoother and refreshed appearance.
17. Road resurfacing just isn't "as glamorous as seeing a hole in a bridge," says Mr. Christie.
18. They postpone spending on road repair until the road has to be rebuilt, at three times the cost of simple resurfacing.
19. Cynosure was the first with the CAP technology and micro lens array and I believe that is best approach to fractionalize resurfacing.
20. Objective To study the clinical effectiveness of CO2 laser skin resurfacing on the treatment of xanthelasma palpebrarum.
21. Dr. Amstutz, who developed a hip-resurfacing system sold by the Wright Medical Group, said he believed that resurfacing, which typically uses all-metal components, was safe.
22. In addition superficial subdermal liposuction creates a new fibrous network underneath to support the skin, and skin resurfacing generates new collagen in the dermis.
23. We're also paving over large swathes of the Earth's land with concrete and asphalt, something akin to resurfacing by lava.
24. The work in Harwich included widening of footpaths, road resurfacing, new benches and other street furniture.
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