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Restrictive in a sentence

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Similar words: restrictionrestrictbe strict withdestructivestrictstrictlydistrictstrictureMeaning: [rɪ'strɪktɪv] adj. 1. serving to restrict 2. (of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports. 
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1. The Act was introduced to end restrictive practices in the docks.
2. The contract contained a restrictive covenant against building on the land.
3. Management accused the union of restrictive practices.
4. If her marriage becomes too restrictive, she will break out and seek new horizons.
5. He argued that the law was unduly restrictive.
6. Many members thought the rules were too restrictive.
7. Gradually these minimalist restrictive practices have been flushed out by the unstoppable march of information technology.
8. In consequence we have developed restrictive practices and engineering, at best, are only partially aware of the business objectives.
9. Intellectual property: Restrictive intellectual property clauses in employment contracts or restrictive covenants could force the brightest free workers to walk.
10. The restrictive covenant in a sale agreement protects goodwill whereas restrictive covenants given by employees protect the employer and employee relationship.
11. In a restrictive climate we all review our expenditure levels.
12. This restrictive covenant is often included in village or rural sites and can result in lengthy delays and extreme frustration.
13. Was it not too restrictive to preclude the possibility that forces of greater intensity had acted in the past?
14. Only a small minority broke through the restrictive moulds of clan traditions.
15. The aim was to have as few restrictive,( formal rules as possible - to make this a genuinely open show.
16. The Law Society vigorously opposed the restrictive amendment.
17. He is self-employed because he finds working for other people too restrictive.
18. The college is not able to expand because of restrictive planning laws.
19. They managed to shift about half of the mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed patients to homes and less restrictive programs.
20. The answer, if one were to be found, quite obviously lay outside the restrictive confines of manly pursuit.
21. Some agencies have pre-approved buyout plans that are less restrictive.
22. Shape dissatisfaction, endemic to young women in western culture, elicits restrictive dieting that increases the vulnerability to eating disorders.
23. The key to this remarkable turnaround in what has been one of the most restrictive industries is, of course, PostScript.
24. Community is usually restricted to the immediate local community. that is much too restrictive.
25. In property damage cases the courts have generally been more restrictive.
26. Few were large enough to support the very specialised and restrictive craft gilds of the greater regional centres.
27. The use of Western methods in other musical traditions would be more than merely restrictive, it would he altogether misleading.
28. It was a dismal failure, and was followed by restrictive legislation against the unions and by victimization of many union activists.
29. There is an important distinction between the approach to restrictive practices and that towards dominant firms and mergers.
30. She believes that even the present law of return is too restrictive.
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