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Restraint in a sentence

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Antonym: incitementSimilar words: restrainunrestrainedconstraintdire straitsnominal interest ratestrainstrainedconstrainMeaning: [rɪ'streɪnt] n. 1. the of act controlling by restraining someone or something 2. discipline in personal and social activities 3. the state of being physically constrained 4. a rule or condition that limits freedom 5. lack of ornamentation 6. a device that retards something's motion. random good picture
1. She talked to me without restraint.
2. You showed great restraint in not crying.
3. Sometimes the care workers need to use physical restraint on the hospital patients.
4. The government followed a policy of restraint in public spending.
5. The police were praised for their restraint in handling the demonstrators.
6. Sometimes police officers have to use physical restraint to control dangerous prisoners.
7. Her spending without restraint ran him heavily in debt.
8. The old sense of deference and restraint in royal reporting has vanished.
9. He showed/exercised considerable restraint in not suing for a divorce.
10. Prices continued to rise without restraint.
11. I think you showed admirable tact/restraint/self-control in your answer.
12. He showed admirable restraint, and refused to be provoked.
13. Children must use an approved child restraint or adult seat belt.
14. They said that they would fight without restraint for what they wanted.
15. His affections were kept under continual restraint.
16. She was a model of restraint.
17. He exercised considerable restraint in ignoring the insults.
18. Gandhi exemplified the virtues of renunciation, asceticism and restraint.
19. Lack of space is the main restraint on the firm's expansion plans.
20. The government called for restraint by both sides.
21. Journalists have exercised remarkable restraint in not reporting all the sordid details of the case.
22. Absolute liberty is absence of restraint.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. His rage was beyond restraint.
24. The two prisoners were kept under restraint while they were transported between prisons.
25. He urged restraint on the security forces.
26. He urged the millions of protesters to exercise restraint.
27. The police appealed to the crowd for restraint.
28. Management is under pressure to set an example on pay restraint.
29. The union said it was unfair to ask workers to adopt a policy of wage restraint.
30. During the recession, the government opted for a policy of pay/wage restraint rather than a reduction in public investment.
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