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Repulsive force in a sentence

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Similar words: impulsive forcerepulsivecompressive forcerepulsionobsessive-compulsiveobsessive-compulsive disorderimpulsivecompulsiveMeaning: n. the force by which bodies repel one another. 
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1. And, there is a mutual repulsive force here.
2. This cation feels the repulsive force of the cation over here.
3. There is a repulsive force, the attractive force between ions of opposite charge is offset by a repulsive force due to electron cloud interactions.
4. Dark energy creates a repulsive force that counters gravity and is now tearing apart space-time.
5. Dark energy is a mysterious repulsive force that opposes gravity[Sentence dictionary], causing the universe to expand.
6. Combining the motion information into the repulsive force function, which transform the static artificial field function to the dynamic artificial field function.
7. Role of the cavity field, the electrostatic repulsive force at the domain boundary and self-enhanced diffraction light induced by physical imperfection on laser-induced surface damage are discussed.
8. Magnetic levitation force or magnetic repulsive force is an objective and strong force, which may play some role in mineralizations of Au as well as nonferrous metals.
9. The repulsive force within the nucleus is enormous.
10. Dark energy is a repulsive force opposing gravity. Itisthoughttoinfluence how dark matter clumps together.
11. Now, researchers have confirmed the existence of this mysterious, repulsive force using a new(, independent line of evidence.
12. The main findings including:(1)Housing problem has become the main repulsive force for floating populations to enter into the city, and increased their migration costs.
13. The effect of this would be to educe the net negative charge and thus lower the repulsive force seen in Figure 1.
14. Surfactants with ionizable heads are key to creating a repulsive force that counteracts the van der Waals attraction and thus stabilizes a soap film.
15. Recent calculations suggest that close to the big bang, the fabric of space and time was so contorted that it flipped gravity into reverse, producing a repulsive force.
16. In our team architecture, we use attractive force and repulsive force to choose movement direction for a player.
17. I pointed out that this anomaly is due to the mass - charge repulsive force.
18. The growth of these structures was initially driven only by the attractive force of gravity, but then later there was competition with the repulsive force of dark energy.
19. "Visibility Radius" defines the perimeter, each particle inside this perimeter generates and receives a repulsive force.
20. In electrostatic field, the charges on the isolated conductor surface are repelled by the other charges, which is defined as surface repulsive force discussed in this paper.
21. And, that's given by the balance between the attractive force of the ions offset by the repulsive force in the electronic shells.
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