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Reproducibility in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2018-03-13Updated:2018-03-13
Similar words: reproducibleirreproduciblereproducingproduciblereproduceproduction facilityinvincibilityirascibilityMeaning: n. the quality of being reproducible. 
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1. Standards may also vary somewhat in specificity and reproducibility according to the methods used.
2. Reproducibility studies on the data used to calculate the scan score yielded a coefficient of variation of 5.5%.
3. The reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity of the continuous infusion glucose tolerance test have been reported.
4. Then, reproducibility was tested against a separate patient population ( Barcelona data set ).
5. Result: this method is highly specificity, good reproducibility and non - interference in negative control.
6. Conclusion The result is accurate and the reproducibility is good. This method can be used for the determination of enoxolone in Maxing Shigan Decoction.
7. The resulting biosensor exhibited fast response, excellent reproducibility and sensibility, expanded linear range and low interferences.
8. In order to kcep reproducibility each operation of measurement must be same.
9. Sample loading , staining, reproducibility and in - gel digestion about 1 D IPG - IEF were investigated.
10. High automatic level and good repeatability & reproducibility is proved by using.
11. The indirect - was confirmed to have good reproducibility and specificity.
12. Reproducibility ofthe oscillogram, detection limit for the depolarizer and influences of different factors on peak height ofdepolarizer are investigated.
13. Superior color reproducibility increases presentation impact.
14. The resolution and reproducibility of wheat gliadin and low-molecular weight glutenin subunit (LMW-GS) separations by high-performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) were studied.
15. Gas compositions are normalised to exclude hydrogen sulphide because of poor analytical reproducibility for this gas.
16. Two types of precision can be described: repeatability and reproducibility.
17. Meanwhile, some special problems, such as test materials, spectrum band width (SBW), wavelength reproducibility, and expressing method of photo-metric accuracy, ard discussed.
18. Conclusions The process is simple and reasonable with good reproducibility. It is effective to enrich highly purified vinblastine and vincristine.
19. The method is easy operating, time - saving, high precision and reproducibility.
20. The method is rapid , convenient, accurate andand shows good recovery and reproducibility.
21. PLG-CD4 method was superior in CD4 cell count for timeworn samples than traditional double-platform assay. The accuracy and reproducibility of PLG-CD4 assay were both acceptable.
22. ResultsThe identification and content determination Methods: Were simple, accurate, exclusive, and had reproducibility.
23. VOICE : So the first characteristic of genuine science is reproducibility.
24. The rice weevil is a good example of the high reproducibility of some grain insect species.
25. Conclusion The method is simple and accurate, with excellent stability and reproducibility.
26. MMIC, having advantages of small size, light mass, high reliability and excellent reproducibility, finds use in a variety of microwave system, especially in airborne radar and space applications.
27. The covalent mode of enzyme immobilization ensures that the sensor process good reproducibility and long - time stability.
28. Objective To establish the normal value of motor unit number estimation (MUNE) of thenar muscles, to study its relationship with age and test the reproducibility of the technique and its use in
29. ConclusionThat the method is simple with high accuracy, good stability and reproducibility, and can be used to extract polysaccharide from D. fimbriatum Hook. var. oculatum Hook.
30. The results show that the saturation magnetization field in this method is much lower than that of the dry powder method, and the reproducibility of measurement is clearly improved. The.
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