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Replant in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: preplanhouseplantreplayforeplayreplacereplace byfireplacedeplaneMeaning: [‚rɪː'plænt / -'plɑːnt] v. plant again or anew. random good picture
1. They have to replant the seedbeds as soon as possible.
2. We had to replant after the drought.
3. We could replant with beech interspersed with conifers to act as nurses to the beech trees until they had got established.
4. People buy them in containers and replant them.
5. And replant the lemon tree That keeps dying.
6. To uproot and replant ( a growing plant ).
7. The installation team also provides replant, clearance and recon structuring service for the clients who need to adjust the old partition a new address because of business enlargement.
8. Meanwhile a US$62 million initiative to replant mangroves, sand dunes and sea-grass beds, called Mangroves for the Future (MMF), will be unveiled at a tsunami donors meeting on 31 October.
9. We will be with you as you replant your fields and repair your roads.
10. Therefore if you go to reseed or replant you garden come Spring, do not over-till the soil but rather simply dig small holes to plant the new seeds or sprouted plants from your hothouse.
11. Replant problem is a very serious problem for many fruit tree's production.
12. The husband begins to have complaint, think replant fruiter.
13. If you need to replant the flower bed but don't know what plants thrive in your area, you can clear away the debris and prepare the soil prior to sitting down with flower brochures and browsing.
14. After that, the replant of operating system and the design of the hardware drive was realized.
15. They spent $ 2 million on environmental measures, he said, and hired biologists to replant coral that would be damaged.
16. A Dig out the clumps of roots and divide them into smaller portions to replant or pot-up.
17. Residents contributed to the project by providing in-kind labor to replant crops and vegetables, construct an irrigation system, reinforce dikes, and build new fencing.
18. Farmers frequently level off such gullies after harvesting in the fall, he said, and then replant the same low-lying areas year after year, leaving them susceptible to further erosion.
19. So our solution to nature's deprivation is also to infuse her with so much dream that humans not only cease to destroy, but begin to replant and regenerate the land instead.
20. Dig out the clumps of roots and divide them into smaller portions to replant.
21. While most dads look forward to passing along the family heritage, I'm keen to effectively replant the family tree—to recast what it means to be a man in the Dokoupil clan.
22. The colourfully clad mothers who are harvesting greens next to the recovery wards are asked when they'll replant. "Before the sun goes down[]," they say.
23. Some of the most popular bedding flowers are chrysanthemums, impatiens and petunias . Bedding plants are usually started in greenhouses. People buy them in containers and replant them.
24. Methods Repairing difficulty remedy hurt of other places with antidromic fascioutaneous flap, using the technology of supper thin flaps replant.
25. But if you're going to take an acre of someone's food garden and replant it to make energy, there's problems with that.
26. Under the new bill, small-scale landowners, who make up the majority of Brazil's farmers, will be exempt from having to replant deforested land.
27. My ideas grow up in the West, but I dig them up and replant them in China's deep ground, a rich five thousand year history.
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