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Repelling in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: spellingexpellingcompellingpropellingmisspellingrepellantrepellentinsect repellentMeaning: [rɪ'pel] adj. highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust. random good picture
(1) She repelled all offers of help.
(2) No human can repel a firm hope.
(3) This coat has a special surface that repels moisture.
(4) We repelled the enemy from the shores after a long hard struggle.
(5) The reptile's prickly skin repels nearly all of its predators.
(6) They have fifty thousand troops along the border ready to repel any attack.
(7) Troops repelled an attempt to infiltrate the south of the island.
(8) The air force counterattacked and repelled the invasion.
(9) His accent repels me.
(10) Two positive charges repel each other.
(11) The army was ready to repel an attack.
(12) Similar poles of magnets repel each other, and opposite poles attract.
(13) Some trees exude from their bark a sap that repels insect parasites.
(14) The smell repelled him.
(15) She was very striking but in some way I felt repelled.
(16) His long hair and filthy clothes repelled her.
(17) Like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
(18) He repelled all my offers of help.
(19) The fabric has been treated to repel water.
(20) They prepared to repel the invaders.
(21) The first repelling impression I had received of the rock from seaward was endorsed as I looked around.
(22) After repelling the wiles of Tufnell[], Wright and Jones ensured that three figures were raised by the close.
(23) This article explains molecule form mould by the repelling of outer electric - pairs.
(24) But this is precisely the kind of war least suited to either deterring or repelling regional aggressions.
(25) While earnestly desiring to share the gospel, we may end up repelling people instead.
(26) Ancylostoma and Toxocara canis are preponderance and the major object in repelling worm.
(27) Digital Bird Repeller" makes use of bionic technology and electronic technology to reach the purpose of repelling birds by simulated sound."
(28) The present invention is the application of plant fruticose breynia juvenile extract with mosquito repelling effect in preparing mosquito repelling products.
(29) To create nonsticky adhesive materials, geckos showed the way to van der Waals force, the sum total of attracting or repelling forces between molecules.
(30) It works, Before long you will find that instead of repelling people, you attract them.
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