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Repeatable in a sentence

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Sentence count:82Posted:2017-07-25Updated:2017-07-25
Similar words: eatabletea tabletreatableunbeatablerepeatrepeatedrepeatingrepeatedlyMeaning: [rɪ'pɪːtəbl] adj. able or fit to be repeated or quoted. random good picture
1 I hope these results are repeatable.
2 The verb is spontaneous, fluid and not repeatable; the adjective is calculated, static and repeatable.
3 His reply was not repeatable.
4 Are the results repeatable?
5 Instead of repeatable results, outcomes are merely probabilistic.
6 They are repeatable psychological events in the sense that a child repeatedly classifies stimuli in a consistent manner.
7 MDA's repeatable set of practices is well-suited to today's iterative development requirements, because MDA enhances predictability of the development process and the delivered solution itself.
8 Supports table and row level locking and 4 isolation levels, RR (repeatable read), RS (read stability)[], CS (default - cursor stability) and UR (uncommitted read).
9 A pattern is an abstract, repeatable, and reusable design construct, such as architectures or algorithms.
10 CONCLUSION The method was simple, highly repeatable, highly sensitive and specific, and can be used for quality control of Betahistine Hydrochloride Sodium Chloride Injection.
11 Objective To develop a clinic analogic, controllable, and repeatable method to construct neurogenic bladder and urethra dysfunction model following spinal cord injury.
12 Repeatable set working data can be stored on disk for later reuse adjustive.
13 If the transaction isolation mode is Repeatable Read, then the optimizer would base its choice purely on the estimated costs.
14 Still image work has the additional advantage of being easily repeatable.
15 This phenomenon precipitates an interesting question: is the effect repeatable by a computer?
16 The activity and the catches were outstanding, if never repeatable.
17 What this photograph says to me is not that happiness is gone for ever, but that it's repeatable.
18 A software crash generally happens when you try to do something in the same way - i.e. the crash is repeatable.
19 Your weight should transfer from the right to the left side, resulting ideally in a controlled repeatable action.
20 More important,[] there is always the insistence on accurate measurement and also repeatable measurement.
21 Radiodetection's RD 7000 addresses this need with several groundbreaking features that deliver accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.
22 DB2's internal isolation level for this is referred to as Repeatable Read.
23 But they seem to put less emphasis on creating formal development methods which would be repeatable in future innovations.
24 In fact the treatment in TCM is not absolutely non - repeatable.
25 Rhubarb, Cortex phellodendri, Cacumen platycladi and Borneol of Shuangbai-Yantong spray were qualitatively analysed by TLC. This method is simple, repeatable and satisfying.
26 Conclusion: The sensibility of the method is high, accurate, and repeatable. It can be used to determine the content of dexamethasone sodium phosphate in perilymph.
27 We include the storage of the part program data in the CNC for the shortest change-over time and repeatable rolling process.
28 This paper determine tiny benzene and toluene of the waxes by head-space gas chromatograph with Flame Ion Detector. The method is accure, rapid and repeatable easily.
29 For an OLTP query, you can set the value to 0 or 1 with the isolation level not set to REPEATABLE READ.
30 These next key locks are only obtained when the key INSERT finds that a scanner with a Repeatable Read (RR) isolation level has a row lock on the next-higher key in the index.
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