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Relational database in a sentence

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Sentence count:136Posted:2018-02-21Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: relationalinternational date lineinternational relationsdatabasedata basecorrelationalnational labor relations boardfractional distillationMeaning: n. a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes. 
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1. The Ingres relational database is no longer bundled, but is available as an option.
2. Specific device drivers are required for each relational database.
3. Distributed Relational Database Architecture also makes information access, data modification and application development more manageable, the company claims.
4. The first implementation uses the Ingres relational database, but versions supporting other relational databases will be available in 1993.
5. Distributed Relational Database Architecture also supports two-phase commit to ensure data integrity.
6. A new geochemical relational database has been designed, based on entity relationship modelling and a full data analysis.
7. The data is stored in a relational database.
8. DataCom relational database and Telon, its own application development environment.
9. Algebra- a core part of relational database theory.
10. In a relational database, relationships enable you to prevent redundant data.
11. The relational database is the most mature and popular database technology nowadays.
12. Such a relational database schema for the PDB was developed in 2005 and is shown in Figure 2.
13. Using relational database built a case base. In addition, an adjusting and learning method was given.
14. It is significantly simpler than a fully-fledged relational database since it requires no schema, it indexes data automatically,[sentence dictionary] and it provides APIs for storage and access.
15. DataEase Express provides an intuitive Windows user-interface to a full relational database system.
16. The B-shell contains in-built drivers that trigger the chip technology and run the relational database.
17. The project is also incorporating existing machine-readable data files, relating to the nineteenth century, into its relational database.
18. As well as simplifying the relations, normalisation also reduces anomalies which may otherwise occur when manipulating the relations in a relational database.
19. Under current ontology storage schema, some problems such as difficult maintenance, low query and inference speed may appear after OWL ontology storing in relational database.
20. To overcome this restriction and to maximize the flexibility of a relational database system, DB2 V9.5 introduces the concept of global variables.
21. SimpleDB is a simple data storage that lacks the sophistication of a full-fledged Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), while providing scalable key-value storage.
22. It fetch up the shortage of ordinary information managements such as blueprints and common relational database.
23. With the development of database theory, popularizing and reforming the classical relational database, we got the non-classical relational database theory.
24. Based on this model, this paper constructs two different kinds of medium relational database query languages: medium relational calculus and medium relational algebra.
25. This agent is an example of off-loading processing to the server—you don't have to connect to the relational database from the Notes workstation where you run the agent.
26. Explore Dr. Richard Edwards' work on XML Repositories and minx, his generic architecture for storing XML Documents in a Relational Database.
27. It provides the ability to natively store XML data in its hierarchical format within a relational database system.
28. Caching stores the results from these views or procedures in an intermediate storage that could be either a file or a relational database.
29. The persistent application data associated with these transactions is held in a relational database management system (RDBMS).
30. The semantics of logical models, storage models, and server-side Jazz APIs are all independent of the particular choice of relational database system.
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