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Regression equation in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2019-04-14Updated:2019-04-14
Similar words: regressionstatistical regressionregression linelinear regressioninequationregression coefficientdegressionquadratic equationMeaning: n. the equation representing the relation between selected values of one variable (x) and observed values of the other (y); it permits the prediction of the most probable values of y. 
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1, However segmental lineal regression equation cluld predict the measured value as accurately as curvilinear regression equation.
2, A multiple regression equation was formulated using wool producing capacity as the dependent variable and amino acid contents as independent variables.
3, Based on measured values, a multiple regression equation was generated.
4, The regression equation of cutting force meets the experiment result very well, the response curved face derived from the regression equation can help to choose proper high-speed cutting parameters.
5, Also the linear regression equation between a cumulative temperature and duration was obtained.
6, The infective of the regression equation together with the regression coefficient are distinctness by significance testing.
7, The influencing factors for errors in regression equation are discussed and the relations between mean square error of regression equation and its influence factors are deduced.
8, Then , the regression equation of height to the mini - cross sectional area of femoral neck was concluded.
9, There was an optimum regression equation between each index and temperature - light factors.
10, Methods Dummy variable is introduced into the linear regression equation to correct cyclical variation and reduce error of forecasting.
11, Results: Five independent variables had been put into regression equation by multiple regression analysis, which were ADL score, stroke attack time, marriage, carer and SDS score.
12, Though the linear regression equation, grafting yield of product can be counted directly by contact angle.
13, Moreover, the fitting degree of curvilinear regression equation is tested by correlation index, in stead of correlation coefficient which has been unsuitably used for testing in similar works.
14, The quasi-static input-output linear regression equation of the measuring system is established, and the testing results of input-output curve linearity and sluggishness are given.
15, The regression equation relating metabolic rate and sweat rate was compound function.
16, A credible regression equation for two side by side arranged buildings to predict the maximum interference factor of the mean wind pressure on the lateral face is proposed.
17, The figure of regression equation of linearise turned from the functional equation of exponential curve is the best line to express the correlation of exponential curve in colorimetric analysis.
18, The linear regression equation on the relationship between peroxide content in acrylonitrile and PAN fiber yellowness was obtained by regression analysis.
19, Through uniform design arrangement and results, building regression equation,( equation.html) get optimum conjunction rate.
20, The linear correlation regression equation of fetal weight, CR length and fertilization age were set up.
21, Variables were entered into or removed from the logistic regression equation one at a time.
22, Indicators of the bumper close planting tea orchard can be obtained from linear regression equation.
23, The esteem, general self-efficiency, life events stress are signally correlated with well-being, they all entered regression equation.
24, Methods Measure the depth of the soft tissue in the back neck of fetus, Biparietal diameter(BPD) , femur length(FL) and abdominal circumference(AC), and apply linear regression equation.
25, Through choosing macro neutral, micro index, the article establishes loan price regression equation by traditional way.
26, On this basis, the authors construct yield to maturity curve and obtain regression equation of the curve through establishing a model.
27, Besides, the value of TOC was converted into COD by regression equation in order to calculate the relative errors between the conversion value and measured value.
28, We must take care to reappraise the historical data we use to estimate the regression equation.
29, When determining empirical formula with test method, estimation value of estimated parameter in regression equation which is obtained with least square method always is a long number.
30, Also, RVI could been used to estimate LAI, ADW by using the regression equation of 8 vegetation indexes.
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