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Refraction in a sentence

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Sentence count:187Posted:2017-02-05Updated:2017-02-05
Similar words: fractiondiffractionfractiousattractionpractitionerinteractionactionreflectionMeaning: [rɪ'frækʃn] n. 1. the change in direction of a propagating wave (light or sound) when passing from one medium to another 2. the amount by which a propagating wave is bent. random good picture
1) Similarly, the variation of distance refraction and the presence of astigmatism is also lower than for humans.
2) Coastal Refraction alters the bearings, particularly when bearings are at an oblique angle to the coastline. 6.
3) The refraction directions both the wave normal and the light ray can be calculated by the formulas above.
4) Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon. Whatever its refraction is, everyone will have to face presbyopia.
5) Crystal to raise living atmosphere, refraction fantastic luster, it is warm.
6) In addition, we research atmospheric refraction influence to space-earth satellite communication, and put forward that amending emission angle can eliminate excursion between beam and satellite.
7) Its origin is required of refraction or reflection of the light by atmospheric ice crystals.
8) Two profiles of wide angle reflection and refraction were carried out in 1998 around Jiashi and its adjacent area, the northeast side of the Pamirs.
9) The simple algorithm of electromagnetic refraction error due to atmosphere refractivity dry component is presented.
10) Implementing the valid real-time correction of atmospheric refraction coefficient has become the key to increase the precision of total-station instrument's triangle elevation.
11) Probe into Dissecting Refraction Method Statics Processing under Complicated Surface Conditions.
12) The radio refraction error is a main error source among the factors affecting the accuracy of the measured data.
13) Dispersive instruments use prisms or gratings to separate radiation of different frequencies,[] by refraction or diffraction.
14) Another move might have involved challenging some assumption in the protective belt such as those concerning refraction in the earth's atmosphere.
15) Then, on the basis of least squares collocation, an iterative model is given to dispose the refraction error, and the effect is satisfactory.
16) In the letter we study the influence of the dielectric shape on the negative refraction and near-field imaging of the photonic crystal slab.
17) The tunability was analysed at the specified frequency and a large tunable range of the negative refraction is achieved.
18) As with ordinary light, laser range measurements to satellites are not troubled by ionospheric refraction.
19) The reason that the pin-hole tested vision was lower than the refraction corrected vision was probably related with the high hyperopia and myopia.
20) Maxwell equations: Lorentz force, plane electromagnetic waves, radiation, light waves, reflexion, refraction, Huyghens principle, diffraction, interference phenomena.
21) Based on Fermat's theorem, the law of reflection and refraction is obtained, and the geometrical ray tracing method of reflected light is introduced.
22) A photograph printing device arranges a pol aroid which can rot ate around an optic axis and a double refraction bo ard at the light emergent side of a liquid cryst all ayer.
23) Back in 1968, Victor Veselago, a Russian physicist, reasoned that a material might be engineered to create a negative index of refraction and bend light waves more radically.
24) At all angles less than the critical angle, both reflection and refraction occur.
25) This paper proposes a formula fitting method for realtime correction of radio wave refraction errors for fast determination of the refraction error and improvement of radio instrumentation accuracy.
26) We have deduced the formula used in determining the double refraction in synthetic fibre and given the experimental condition of determination.
27) The bonding material and the protective layer may affect the desired index of refraction of the material on either side of the wavelength converting element 110.
28) Realtime correction method is mainly used in radio wave refraction error correction to improve radio instrumentation accuracy in engineering applications.
29) Within the coupled resonant frequency region, the negative index of refraction can be achieved.
30) Static error mostly includes shafting error, coder error, time-lag error by TV sensor, measure distortion by optics structure and atmosphere refraction error etc.
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