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Refill in a sentence

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Similar words: fillipfill upfill outfill infulfillingfilmfiledefineMeaning: [‚rɪː'fɪl] n. 1. a prescription drug that is provided again 2. a commercial product that refills a container with its appropriate contents. v. fill something that had previously been emptied. 
1. Drink up, then I'll refill your glass.
2. Can I get a refill, please?
3. He emptied his glass and asked for a refill.
4. Max held out his cup for a refill.
5. How about a refill?
6. Would you like a refill?
7. Refill packs are cheaper and lighter.
8. He motioned to the barman to refill their glasses.
9. We include a refill with every ballpointed pen we sell.
10. The bottle must be rinsed out before you refill it.
11. Stunned, he watched Litchfield refill the glass, then calmly raise his own.
12. The Colonel gestured to me: I was to refill the glasses.
13. Richard gets a second refill on his coffee.
14. Watching him refill her glass, she noticed he had unusually long fingernails for a man.
15. I refill her teacup once, twice.
16. The busboy rushes to refill my water glass after every sip.
17. He motioned to the barman to refill their glasses, a feeling of satisfaction running through him.
18. Pets Children can often help to refill drinking containers for their pets, and bird baths.
19. Thelma, haggard and overly lipsticked(, gave me a refill.
20. He roared with laughter, and got up to refill his mug.
21. My pen seems to be running out of ink - I need a refill.
22. Knock the ash out of your pipe before you refill it.
23. He held out his glass for an old waiter to refill.
24. Only once the real meaning has been systematically emptied out of commodities does advertising then refill this void with its own symbols.
25. Then line the baskets with material, preferably hessian, and refill with fresh soil.
26. If you bring your empty bottles back to the store, we can refill them.
27. The bong was returned to Julian, who began to refill it.
27. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
28. The wine was making her heady, but she let him refill her glass.
29. The result was that we all kept making surreptitious trips to the staff room to refill our plastic beakers.
30. Alternatively, you will need to empty the bath and refill it with clean water.
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