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Reexamine in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: re-examineexamineexamineeexaminerentrance examinationcross-examineexaminingexaminableMeaning: ['rɪːɪg'zæmɪn] v. look at again; examine again. random good picture
1 The corpse was disinterred and re-examined by the coroner.
2 Her husband and children will also have to re-examine their expectations.
3 When we re-examined the regulations, we realised that we had misinterpreted them.
4 Is it perhaps time to re-examine some of the fundamental assumptions underlying that policy?
5 It recommended that the prohibition on contingency fees and other forms of incentive should be re-examined.
6 The McDermott's also called on the police to look at the possibility of re-examining the case now that DNA testing is possible.
7 It is the second point which we should reexamine now in greater depth.
8 Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul. Walt Whitman 
9 It is designed to give physicians faster access to results on new and re-examined medical treatments.
10 We can approach these issues by re-examining the argument that doping is a form of cheating.
11 Additionally the controversial fast breeder and high temperature reactor projects are being re-examined.
12 Patients with active colitis were reexamined after three and 12 weeks of treatment.
13 Now they each had a picture which they examined and re-examined,( trying to breathe life into the two-dimensional image.
14 The dogma of the free market should be re-examined.
15 If the current situation does not cost Frieder his job, it should at least force him to re-examine recruiting practices.
16 You are re-shaping your beliefs and re-examining your values that have been closely held since childhood.
17 Bailey re-examines his roots in duo with drummer John Stevens.
18 If much of this occurs, re-examine the proposal write-up; it may need a more careful rewriting.
19 The little brown bottle caught my eye again, and putting my cup and saucer down I uncapped and re-examined it.
20 We may reexamine our goals or our methods for attaining our goals.
21 Reexamine compensation - what is it offering incentives for?
22 Before we reexamine the assumptions that led physicists down this dead-end street, let us pause to consider an odd aspect of this result.
23 In Chapter 9, we reexamine the historical deveopment and applications of Network Techniques.
24 The group fails to reexamine those alternatives originally disfavored by the majority.
25 Perhaps it is time reexamine the idea that college degrees are a guarantee of intelligence.
26 They do not reexamine their reasoning even when they emerge with conclusions are absurd.
27 Your agency may is reexamine as your sale during period unjustly your effort and activity.
28 Governments are not the only ones having to reexamine re - examine their budgets.
29 Only in the past two decades have educators and policy-makers begun to reexamine these assumptions seriously.
30 Before two batches of list mix 49 for 70 respectively, add family that announce, altogether has had family of 155 low income to hire Fang Shen to ask qualificatory reexamine through cheap.
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