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Recursively in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2018-10-10Updated:2018-10-10
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(1) Recursively search through folders for archives ( Just drag and drop ).
(2) Then, all directories under this root path are recursively scanned for media files whose tags are read and stored in a database.
(3) Procedures may call themselves recursively without explicit declaration.
(4) The definitions can be used recursively. For example, to describe every bit string, we can define.
(5) It was recursively constructed by cascading a binary splitting network and two half-size multicast networks.
(6) If the child is another policy operator, recursively call unmarshalOperator().
(7) A reentrant function can be safely called recursively or from multiple tasks.
(8) An image is recursively split into different size leaf-blocks, the edge information measure based on the structure characteristics is adopted as the splitting criterion.
(9) In order to descend recursively and with ease through XML nodes, I utilized the high-level Pythonic interface provided by xml_objectify.
(10) They are given for recursively computing the beginning or ending time of working procedure, computing each encoding target and transforming it as adaptive value.
(11) It is caused by recursively descending a composite data structure in such a way that, sometimes, more than one step in the descent is taken in a single recursive call.
(12) The recursively increasing threshold method is first proposed. Then the method of contour integration region labeling and the design of intensity homogeneity segmentation criterion are presented.
(13) The s3sync.rb command recursively copies the /var/uploads directory into the backup bucket, prefixing all the files with the current date.
(14) There are certain simple classes of true arithmetical proposition that do form recursively enumerable sets, however.
(15) recursive is an optional attribute that specifies whether the LDAP objects found will be processed recursively or not, for example whether subgroups as members of a group will be processed or ignored.
(16) If two items to be compared are themselves sequences of the same type, the lexicographical comparison is carried out recursively.
(17) The generative rule of arbitrary N-rank K-regular simple graph is studied, and the method of recursively generating arbitrary N-rank K-regular graph from the simple complete graph is put forward.
(18) The new similarity rule improves the translation accuracy with high coverage. The abstract-case-included case base and the recursively abstract algorithm promote the system's efficiency.
(19) So you cannot, for example[], define a record type that uses itself recursively.
(20) You can change ownership of a file by typing chown username filename; adding the -R argument will recursively change file ownership in a directory.
(21) For estimating the model parameters, the method, in which error covariance matrix P(K) is recursively factorized with U-D factorization technique on the basis of RCKE algorithm, is adopted.
(22) In this paper, the work that locating target and searching information transmission path can be achieved via the thinking of creating virtual link recursively.
(23) The xslt target is designed with the basedir, extension, and destdir attributes to go through a folder recursively and generate HTML files for each of the XML files found in the directory.
(24) The theorem that the language set distinguished deterministic finite automaton is a recursively enumerable set was proved, and then, the recursiveness of regular language was analyzed.
(25) To embed subroutines or data in other subroutines or data at a different hierarchical level such that the different level of routines or data can be executed or accessed recursively.
(26) A template can constrain any data type component, including recursively nested components.
(27) In the former algorithm, the segmentation is reached by analyzing the three one-dimensional histograms in CIELAB color space recursively, followed by the operation of region merging.
(28) In Listing 1, the config attribute, which is set to cs-rules.xml, identifies the rules file to run recursively against the source directory (as in the fileset dir attribute).
(29) This is a matter of querying the WordNet server starting from the search word, and following pointers to related words, and then continuing recursively.
(30) Using complex QR decomposition and Householder transformation , the algorithm can be recursively implemented.
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