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Real thing in a sentence

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Similar words: healthinessstealthinessunhealthinesshealth insurancelateral thinkinglogical thinkinghealthierwealthilyMeaning: n. informal usage attributing authenticity. 
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1. Artificial flowers can sometimes look better than the real thing .
2. It's a synthetic material which looks like the real thing.
3. Is that the real thing or a knockoff?
4. On-line instruction is a useful adjunct to the real thing.
5. The customer detected an imitation from a real thing.
6. These paintings may look like the real thing, but every one of them is a fake.
7. It tastes exactly the same as the real thing, but has half the fat.
8. Replica weapons are indistinguishable from the real thing.
9. Is that a toy gun or the real thing?
10. Are you sure it's the real thing, not just infatuation?
11. It's just a practice, not the real thing.
12. All steamed up over the real thing.
13. So on your beefy splurge night, enjoy the real thing.
14. The fraud is always more menacing than the real thing.
15. I did badly in the mock exam but passed the real thing.
16. I'm allowed to eat ersatz chocolate made from carob beans, but it's a poor substitute for the real thing.
16. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
17. How can you tell a fake Vuitton handbag from the real thing?
18. Their version of jazz funk is a pale imitation of the real thing.
19. The counterfeits sell for about $20 less than the real thing.
20. Children's toy guns now look so realistic that they can often pass for the real thing.
21. Don't resort to cheap copies; save up for the real thing.
22. Bottled lemon juice is no good you must use the real thing.
23. She went from a D in her mocks to a B in the real thing.
24. It's time you scrapped your overwritten early loves and learned to poke fun at the real thing.
25. In the short term, next week's budget crunch is more like a toy train crash rather than the real thing.
26. One would have supposed these veteran troops had seen too much of the real thing to seek amusement in playing at battle.
27. They are made of lead and painted gold to resemble the real thing but the crude copies rapidly deteriorate.
28. They rarely look anywhere near as good as the real thing, but they will be cheaper, and easier to keep clean.
29. So, when the time comes and you need to replace a part on your Toyota, buy the real thing.
30. Rory was just another one, he'd not stand the comparison either, Parr was the real thing.
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