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Rankine in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-05-14Updated:2019-05-14
Similar words: crankinessrankingcrankingfrankingtop-rankinglankinesshigh-rankingfrankincenseMeaning: n. a unit of temperature on the Rankine scale. 
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1. The Rankine cycle of low boiling medium and its application to low temperature waste-heat recovery in foreign countries are reviewed.
2. The first development of the Rankine cycle into a more practical steam cycle involves raising the pressure and temperature of the steam entering the turbine.
3. Finally, Rankine active earth pressure model considering displacement is also derived so as to offer a new way to calculate active earth pressure considering displacement.
4. William Rankine, a Scottish engineer and one of the fathers of thermodynamics, was the first to explain how these repeated stress reversals could cause cracks to propagate.
5. According to the results, Rankine cycle and Brayton cycle are advised to recycle LNG physical exergy.
6. The Rankine and Lamb vortex corc models are mixed,[sentencedict .com] and the secondary dis - crete vortices are taken.
7. A Rankine source method ( constant panel) is developed to calculate the action of ship generated waves on the vertical cylinder in finite depth water.
8. Coulomb and Rankine soil pressure models are employed in the determination of soil pressure in the design of overhanging wall.
9. The improvement in thermal efficiency for a simple Rankine cycle is by virtue of the bled-steam releasing all of its heat to the feed-water, and little or none to the condenser.
10. The Rankine scale has scale increments equal to the FahrenheIt'scale.
11. For the same quality of steam entering the condenser, the quantity of heat rejected to the condenser is the same as for the Rankine cycle.
12. Then we'll discuss specifically two types of power conversion systems. One is the steam cycle which we call Rankine and the other is the Brayton cycle which is the gas cycle.
13. The relieving platform limits the sliding plane, and the sliding mass at this time is no longer a voussoir, so, Rankine theory and Coulomb theory cant be applied to calculate the earth pressure.
14. Thermodynamic computation results showed that the specific work output of liquid nitrogen in the new cycle was 129% more than that in the single Rankine cycle.
15. A combined power cycle with LNG cold energy recovery consisting of Rankine cycle using ammonia-water as working fluid, power cycle of combustion gas, and LNG cycle, was presented.
16. Figure 2 Comparison of testing results on the sulfur dioxide residue of dried daylily products using direct titration method and Rankine method.
17. The results show that the efficiency of exergy utilization of this cycle is much superior to that of the Rankine cycle at the same border conditions of both heat and cooling sources.
18. The bearing capacity of the soil behind the thrust wall is analyzed with Rankine theory for lateral passive earth pressure in a pipe jaking project.
19. By analyzing the influence of the radius of pit and soil parameters to the active earth pressure distribution, it was(achieved) that the influence is identical to Rankine theory.
20. This superheat cycle was chosen to have the same turbine exhaust conditions as the previous Rankine cycle.
21. Lateral earth pressures acting on the wall could be predicted from the Rankine active earth pressure theory with the undrained assumption in the short term.
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