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Randomizing in a sentence

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Sentence count:15Posted:2018-11-06Updated:2018-11-06
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1. ASLR helps prevent buffer overflow attacks by randomizing the location where system executables are loaded into memory.
2. Based on randomizing techniques, this paper discussed how the sketch-based approach estimates approximate answers to aggregate queries.
3. This is due to a randomizing function used to determine at what intervals contact with the boot server should be made.
4. Randomizing the think time by percentage.
5. Rational Performance Tester contains a feature for randomizing input data to a form.
6. A randomizing algorithm distributes load across any number of servers that form a logical service.
7. Methods By randomizing method[ ], 5940 people were investigated from community people in Shenzhen and assessed with Self-rated Health Measurement Scale(SRHMS).
8. There are tons of presets, and randomizing is possible on many effects for limitless visual effects!
9. The randomizing function is based on the interface's MAC address.
10. They thus show the number of synonyms created, assuming a perfect randomizing algorithm, for various packing factors.
11. Diversity can be created in a number of ways, such as by adding nonfunctional code, reordering code or randomizing memory locations, file names or system calls.
12. Methods Choosed 1146 business regulator in certain business as samples by randomizing method delaminate and all.
13. To add some variation to each particle's orientation, you can use a randomizing compound.
14. You can improve the robustness of your test by randomizing the selection of titles to search.
15. In fact, there are other approaches as well, including randomizing the locations of executables; Crispen's "PointGuard" extends the canary idea to the heap, and so on.
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