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Radiation pressure in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2019-04-11Updated:2019-04-11
Similar words: radiation sicknesspressurizationradiationdiastolic pressurex-radiationeradiationirradiationradiation beltMeaning: n. the minute pressure exerted on a surface normal to the direction of propagation of a wave. 
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1. For the solar radiation pressure reflectance, the T 3 model is introduced.
2. Using radiation pressure and optical dipole forces, atoms that roam in gases at a few hundred meters per second are now routinely slowed down to velocities of a few millimeters per second.
3. We analyze the effect on the optical radiation pressure for corpuscules by laser microbeam.
4. In this paper, the radiation pressure and directional formulation are calculated by use of Reily-integrate, The directivity of radiated sound field of quadrate ring piston is analyzed.
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5. Some are swept back by radiation pressure from sunlight to create straight dust streaks.
6. So physicists got to wondering whether radiation pressure could be harnessed to help an item soar.
7. This radiation pressure is thought to shape the tails of comets and is useful for pushing solar sails in space.
8. Some interesting phenomena are observed which related to acoustic streaming and acoustic radiation pressure.
9. And by comparing the heights of the two peaks, cosmologists can gauge the relative strengths of gravity and radiation pressure in the early universe.
10. In this paper, the rotation of cylinder through the action of radiation pressure generated torque based on the ray optics has been investigated.
11. The closest particles are the most massive and the least affected by the radiation pressure.
12. ( -- For more than 40 years, scientists have been using the radiation pressure of light to move and manipulate small objects in space.
13. As concerns theories of stellar winds, basic equations are given and a number of models, namely, radiation pressure models, fluctuation model and imperfect flow model are reviewed.
14. The radiation power is derived by the measurement of the ultrasound radiation pressure on the target.
15. A vast heart - shaped bubble, inflated by the combined stellar winds and radiation pressure, surrounds the cluster.
16. The dynamical model included the effects of the earth non-spherical shape, atmospheric drag, solar radiation pressure as well as lunar and solar perturbations.
17. However, solar sail cannot realize all formation control because the direction of the solar sail radiation pressure force is restricted to certain range.
18. Experts had not bothered to study closer-in data in detail because they believed that radiation pressure of the sun and the many flight maneuvers would make it difficult to measure the anomaly .
19. At the same time, matter was freed of the radiation pressure that had resisted the contraction of dense clumps .
20. Dust tails are created when small particles from a comet are swept backward by the Sun's radiation pressure.
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