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Rabbinical in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2018-04-26Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: rabbiniccrabbinggrabbingrabbijabbingtabbingnabbingrabbitMeaning: [ræ'bɪnɪkl] adj. of or relating to rabbis or their teachings. 
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1. That same year the rabbinical diploma was conferred on him by Rabbi Weiss, lector in Vienna.
2. When I was studying at the rabbinical seminary, I had borrowed a copy of Pan Tadeusz from her.
3. Isaac and Samuel may have been rabbinical teachers themselves, as well as patrons of other teachers.
4. Dissident A rabbinical poet with hippy dreadlocks was king of the clients on vodka street.
5. Graduates are found teaching in colleges and rabbinical schools, engaging in research of Hebrew religion and ethics, or conducting business in the State of Israel.
6. Now it appears the judges of this rabbinical court are out for retribution.
7. But the training of the rabbinical schools would have unfitted him for his work.
8. Paul's background is a 1st century Rabbinical Jew.
9. Thankfully this fate has not befallen a splendid exponent of rabbinical humour,( Rabbi Lionel Blue.
10. But the main significance of Chasidism was its reaction against the intellectualism of some rabbinical traditions.
11. Documentation must be as explicit as possible because staff and circumstance seem to take a rabbinical delight in producing difficult cases.
12. But an Israeli rabbi, who spent a lifetime searching for the lost tribes, brought 40 Mizo converts to Israel as tourists and enrolled them in a rabbinical school.
13. After the destruction of the Temples, sacrifices were banned and rabbinical teachings took their place as the focus of Judaism.
14. The Jewish Theological Seminary first began admitting openly LGBT students to its rabbinical and cantorial programs in 2007.
15. Depending on the institution, this may be a minister robe, pulpit gown, church vestments, rabbinical gown, or doctoral robe.
16. Dr. Jules Hilbert: Well is it possible at one time that you were made of stone, wood, lye, varied corpse parts? Or, earth made holy by rabbinical elders?
17. Forty-three percent of Jews did not know that Maimonides, one of the foremost rabbinical authorities and philosophers, was Jewish.
18. Remember that Paul's background is that of a first century Rabbinical Jew.
19. I call it the same coin with two faces: rabbinical Judaism on the one side, traditional church on the other side, same thing Jill.
20. Many are deterred from trying to convert by the rigours of the rabbinical courts.
21. While He was obedient in every particular to the word of God, He did not conform to the rabbinical rites and usages.
22. "A revolver, " a counsellor said, stroking his chin, as if it had grown a rabbinical beard. "Could you please elaborate?"
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