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Quite a few in a sentence

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Sentence count:136+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-18Updated:2016-12-13
Similar words: quiteequitysuiteubiquitoustake it easya fewsafelymake a face random good picture
(1) Quite a few people were milling about, but nothing was happening.
(2) He's taken quite a few knocks lately.
(3) Most surprisingly, quite a few said they don't intend to vote at all.
(4) We've got quite a few debts still outstanding.
(5) I've been there quite a few times.
(6) The army has had quite a few successes recently.
(7) This university has witnessed quite a few changes over the years.
(8) The new software has given us quite a few problems.
(9) The building needs quite a few repairs.
(10) Quite a few people were eating outside in the blazing sun.
(11) There have been quite a few incidences of bullying in the school this year.
(12) I stayed in England many/quite a few/ten weeks.
(13) Quite a few people are going to arrive early.
(14) The rain lasted quite a few days.
(15) 'How many CDs have you got?' 'Lots!' However, they are not used with measurements of time or distance:I stayed in England many/quite a few/ten weeks.
(16) Quite a few towns are now banning cars from their shopping centres.
(17) I know quite a few people who've had the same problem.
(18) Clive's taken quite a few hard knocks lately.
(19) Quite a few people came to the lecture.
(20) She subscribes to quite a few academic journals.
(21) There are quite a few words that they use in that part of the country that you don't hear anywhere else.
(22) Quite a few companies would like to get in on the project.
(23) There are quite a few situations where it is normal for the tonic syllable to come earlier in the tone-unit.
(24) Quite a few looked up the slope to check me out.
(25) In fact, quite a few of its policy decisions have been unfortunate, and have got out of control.
(26) Quite a few women went to war , and quite a few were killed in action.
(27) In the past few years they have been dealing with quite a few international corporations successfully.
(28) The ducks don't seem to mind it, cos there's quite a few swimming about now.
(29) Few people understand exactly what they are and what they can do and quite a few people have mistaken impressions from the media.
(30) The bright one was moving in a silvery blur, and there were quite a few dark-furred heaps lying crumpled nearby.
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