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Quite a bit in a sentence

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Sentence count:108+3Posted:2018-01-11Updated:2018-01-11
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31. Alongside me was Sam Ratcliffe who, at the tender age of sixteen, had already had quite a bit of publicity.
32. He does, however, have quite a bit more money than Victor Morales.
33. But it's already created quite a bit of controversy.
34. She said she learned quite a bit.
35. I stay there for quite a bit, looking round and that,[] till it gets light.
36. Beth has grown quite a bit as an actress.
37. Jim has improved quite a bit since he came home from the hospital.
38. My sister's quite a bit smaller and slimmer than me.
39. Well, it's true that I have been hurt in my life. Quite a bit. But it's also true that I have loved, and been loved. And that carries a weight of its own. A greater weight, in my opinion. It's like that pie chart we talked about earlier. In the end, I'll look back on my life, and see that the greatest piece of it was love. The problems, the divorces, the sadness... those will be there too, but just smaller slivers, tiny pieces. Sarah Dessen 
40. Quite a bit happens in the novel, but Haines shows refreshing restraint in her narration.
41. I sit there for quite a bit, hunched up on the pavement.
42. A better day today, Miss Lavant wrote in her diary[], quite a bit of sunshine.
43. He owes me quite a bit of money.
44. My grandson was over today and they played together quite a bit.
45. We've had quite a bit of snow this year so far.
46. He used to say he could drink quite a bit because he had very low blood pressure.
47. Now they spend quite a bit of their money, which is nice.
48. That had generated quite a bit of business.
49. Thus Earth progresses quite a bit more rapidly around the Sun than Mars does.
50. One way or another, I had drunk quite a bit this evening, but I didn't need to powder my nose.
51. The most noticeable change was in my younger brother, who had grown quite a bit and was now a third-grader.
52. It gives me hours of pleasurable reading and quite a bit of envious longing for things I can not afford.
53. The terrain on the island varies quite a bit.
54. Quite a bit had spilled over the floor already so nobody would notice any more.
55. In all modesty, I think I've matured quite a bit since those days.
56. The cool movement, if it can be called that, swung the jazz pendulum quite a bit.
57. Oh yes, Lemon had quite a bit up top, he should imagine, and all concealed under the cap and bells.
58. There was quite a bit of war in the delta, so, some-times, sure.
59. The most noticeable change was in my brother, who had grown quite a bit and was now a third-grader.
60. He trips up quite a bit anyway when he's walking along.
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