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Quarrelsome in a sentence

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Sentence count:34+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-15Updated:2017-03-15
Synonym: argumentativebelligerentcrankycrossgrouchyirritablepeevishSimilar words: quarrelquarrel withtoilsomequarrysomething elsebarrelarrest warrantor elseMeaning: ['kwɑrəlsəm /'kwɒr-] adj. given to quarreling. 
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1) The boy is quarrelsome and ready to fight at the drop of a hat.
2) Benedict had been a wild boy and a quarrelsome young man.
3) He became quarrelsome after drinking too much.
4) The diary portrays his family as quarrelsome and malicious.
5) He had turned quarrelsome.
6) Previously you had to be part of a quarrelsome, uneconomic unit of orthodoxy known as a church.
7) He depicts his noisy, disordered, life-loving, quarrelsome, self-absorbed family with a historian's detachment.
8) They became cranky and quarrelsome, and stopped most of their activities in order to conserve energy.
9) Conversely, to be angry, quarrelsome, or brave marks one off as not human.
10) They are quarrelsome, politically unstable and poor; some are preoccupied with fighting.
11) Even quarrelsome members of the leadership, like William Joyce, appear to have been attracted to the movement by such motives.
12) Those who are sharp-tongued and quarrelsome, please go to the teahouse or restaurant!
13) They are quarrelsome, primitive,( demanding and messy.
14) We are not either fidgety or quarrelsome now.
15) It is quarrelsome at home and abroad.
16) Michael Beard is rackety, quarrelsome, competitive, greedy, ambitious, politicking.
17) He tends to get quarrelsome when he is drunk.
18) He gets quarrelsome in his cups.
19) Are Mr and Mrs Smith always as quarrelsome as they've been this evening?
20) So is a quarrelsome person for kindling strife.
21) His brothers were greedy and quarrelsome.
22) Among them a driver is quarrelsome cry: " Did you become blind? "
23) I was afraid he might be quarrelsome and get himself into more trouble.
24) Balboa had a reputation as a fierce and quarrelsome young man.
25) When he drinks too much he becomes moody and quarrelsome.
26) Although colorful, active, and good feeders, they are apt to be a little quarrelsome.
27) Mrs Thatcher was still highly visible at international summits, but often now as an obstructive, quarrelsome figure.
28) Leese had a pronounced anti-authoritarian streak in his behaviour and a quarrelsome personality.
29) One of the most outstanding features of Bolshevism has been its severe, exacting, even quarrelsome attitude towards the question of doctrine.
30) Under the industrial mode of life, humans subjugated in vast quarrelsome patriarchal nation - states.
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