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Pyrophosphate in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2019-01-11Updated:2019-01-11
Similar words: monophosphateorganophosphateadenosine monophosphatephosphateglucose-6-phosphatecreatine phosphateadenosine diphosphateadenosine triphosphateMeaning: n. a salt or ester of pyrophosphoric acid. 
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1. It is formed from ATP and 5-phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate in a complex biosynthetic pathway.
2. This rhomboid shaped crystal of calcium pyrophosphate, which appears bluish-white (weak positive birefringence) by polarized light with red plate.
3. A method for determination of sodium pyrophosphate as an additive in dehydrated potato granules was described.
4. The intumescent flame retardant melamine pyrophosphate was prepared by melamine and pyrophosphoric acid in solvent.
5. The better additive quality of sodium pyrophosphate was 0.
6. The resistivity of pyrophosphate and annealed acid sulfate copper deposits are substantially equivalent.
7. Concentration of potassium pyrophosphate is usually measured by means of gravimetry and titration in tin-cobalt electrolyte, but the measuring procedures are very
8. The tenderizing effects of sodium acid pyrophosphate(SAPP), tetrasodium pyrophosphate(TSPP)and sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP)on beef semitendinos muscle were studied.
9. The effect of sodium pyrophosphate, glycerol monostearate and starch acetate on rheological propertiesof rice starch were studied by Dynamic Rheometry.
10. It has a bright application prospect for pyrophosphate in the laser matrix, ceramics, electrical, magnetic, contact responses.
11. Melamine orthophosphate and melamine pyrophosphate are prepared by reaction of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate or sodium pyrophosphate with melamine and hydrogen chloric acid.
12. The result shows that the different phosphates have different water binding capacity of meat product, and the order is pyrophosphate, trisodium phosphate, and hexametaphosphate.
13. Objective: To determine the rate constants for the cleavage of pyrophosphate to phosphate by human serum apo-transferrin.
14. The applications of melamine phosphates in intumescent coatings reveal that melamine pyrophosphate and melamine orthophosphate can improve the heat-insulating properties of the coatings.
15. An analytical procedure and calculation method on the content of copper, total pyrophosphate, phosphate and ammonium citrate in pyrophosphate copper plating bath were given.
16. It is also required to the synthesis of the coenzyme thiamin pyrophosphate, which is involved in many decarboxylation reactions.
17. Most of them, to select optimum equipment are the key to produce melamine pyrophosphate.
18. At last, the solid phase synthesis is determined as the best way to produce melamine pyrophosphate . All of the compounds above mentioned have been successfully applied in practical production.
19. The favorable peculiarity of this method is that it can demonstrate the absence of the target gene by the production of white precipitate of magnesium pyrophosphate .
20. A cyanide free process for gold imitation plating on plastic surface was advanced with pyrophosphate as complexing agent.
21. According to statistical analysis, the effect of sodium lactate, sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium pyrophosphate on water-holding capacity values is significant.
22. The process of cyanide copper electroplating is replaced by the proposed process of pyrophosphate electroplating copper on magnesium alloy.
23. The drip loss and cooking loss were remarkably reduced and the yield of sausage was remarkably increased by 0.2% and 0.3% pyrophosphate.
24. Study the stability influence of sodium tripolyphosphate, the sodium hexametaphosphate, the sodium pyrophosphate and the sodium citrate separately to soybean milk drink and peanut milk drink.
25. The experimental results show that the prepared flame retardant(MPP) is composed of melamine polyphosphate, which proves to be the main component, and melamine pyrophosphate.
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