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Pushover in a sentence

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Sentence count:35+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-03Updated:2017-04-03
Similar words: push outshoveshovelhoverwatch oversmooth overpushpushyMeaning: n. 1. someone who is easily taken advantage of 2. any undertaking that is easy to do. random good picture
1. The game will be a pushover.
2. The examination was a pushover ; I'm sure of all the answers.
3. The interview was an absolute pushover.
4. You might think Hungarian a pushover to learn. It is not.
5. I don't think she'll agree-she's no pushover.
6. At 6,536 yards, this is no pushover even for experts.
7. The exam was a pushover.
8. Love Story I thought you'd be a pushover.
9. Tony's a pushover for blondes.
10. Colonel Moore was no pushover. He wouldn't let anyone tell him what to do.
11. Angela Brickell had been small and light; a pushover.
12. I couldn't have her thinking I was a pushover.
13. Fixing a car is a pushover for for her.
14. That guy is a pushover for flattery.
15. Winning the playoffs was no pushover.
16. My boyfriend is a pushover for sweet talk.
17. They aren't the best team in the league, but they're no pushover , either.
18. He is a tough negotiator. We did not expect to find him a pushover and he has not been one.
19. One thing is for sure, the lady was no pushover.
20. The unions, including her own Transport and General Workers' Union, are no longer looking like a pushover for her.
21. The kids all think their new English teacher's a real pushover.
21. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
22. She's a kind and gentle person, but she's no pushover.
23. Louisiana Tech, a last minute replacement on the schedule, turned out to be no pushover.
24. It was a pity one could not invade without giving advance warnings and following the rules: it would be a pushover.
25. Mr. Corry quickly showed the students that he was no pushover.
26. At 1, 069 feet, it qualifies as my kind of mountain, but it is no pushover.
27. A Western analyst in Cairo calls him " a man of vision and integrity, not anybody's pushover. "
28. The Constant Load components remain unchanged throughout the entire pushover analysis procedure.
29. The Incremental Load is the loading that is used to update the PAIL during the pushover analysis load incrementation procedure.
30. You don't earn trust or respect by being a pushover lapdog.
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