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Public finance in a sentence

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1. The House's functions in relation to public finance are not distinct from the above two major functions.
2. The only major crisis in public finance came in 1797.
3. In traditional public finance, the form in which the grant is made will influence the expenditure of local authorities.
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4. Public finance economists often stop at this point, leaving the impression that all taxation does is to introduce inefficiency.
5. The biggest worry is still public finance.
6. Here a perennial topic in traditional public finance - the burden of the national debt - is considered.
7. Public finance and expenditure Relationships between oil companies and host Governments have frequently been uneasy and sometimes open conflicts have developed.
8. The public finance model needs to be developed in these respects,[] drawing on the recent developments in macroeconomics.
9. Investment; Public finance and expenditure.
10. Research and teaching: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Public Finance.
11. However, the risk in the public finance budget executive audit is a huge topic, as an academic degree thesis with limit capacity, we can choose only a few problems among those to study.
12. A rudimentary public finance framework compatible with the socialist market economy came into being.
13. The public finance is the end of general risk taker, how much risk the public finance will take is closely relevant to the institutional structure.
14. Inthe meanwhile, public finance system will take more joint responsibility forbad debts from financial system.
15. We further carried out the reform of public finance, improving the management of departmental budget, practicing fund auditing on line, and further standardizing the system of government purchases.
16. Public finance transparency is an important part of public information access right and governmental information disclosure system.
17. The Obey bill also aimed to directly limit PACs and to create public finance in order to replace lost money.
18. The current debt burden will be written off and the organisation liberated from the public finance system.
19. It is not therefore possible at present for the public finance economist to appeal to a generally accepted body of theory.
20. On July 1, 1849, President Herrera called a special session of Congress to consider the questions of public finance.
21. The budget making is a process of the state legislation around public finance, having all the natures as a law.
22. The author upholds the viewpoint of state allocation that state public finance should fulfill its socialized allocation function and made perfect opinions for budget allocation.
23. To improve the efficiency of the financial fund is the essential demand of public finance.
24. XXVI. Article 29 shall be changed into Article 37 and amended as: "Compensation fees shall be included in the public finance budgets at various levels."
25. With the development of mass higher education in China, the public finance and cost-sharing policy in higher education confront many structural constraints issues.
26. Under the system of market economy, finance should be public finance.
27. Export Tax Rebate is influenced by many factors, such as economic system, trade strategy, foreign exchange policy, public finance policy and tax system of one country.
28. We will strengthen and improve macro-control through management of public finance.
29. Hariss concerned Exchequer in the statement of the relation of king parliament and public finance, his discourse was effected by the Constitutionalism ineluctably.
30. The reform of departmental budget undergoing is one of the critical steps for China to establish the public finance and lawful finance.
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