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Prospering in a sentence

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Similar words: prosperityprospectingeconomic prosperityprosperProsperoprospectprosperousprospectorMeaning: ['prɑspə(r) /'prɒ-] adj. very lively and profitable. 
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1. Businesses across the state are prospering.
2. The children seem to be prospering under their care.
3. His company is prospering.
4. She seems to be prospering since she moved out of the city.
5. The newly developed satellite town is prospering with each passing day.
6. His business is prospering.
7. Nowhere is this truer than in Wenzhou, a prospering port with a history of missionary activity.
8. Certain species are still prospering, but as a class the reptiles are slowly trailing the amphibians into obscurity.
9. Champagne was also prospering during this time from the great trade fairs.
10. But under that title, it is suddenly prospering.
11. The business is prospering.
12. Local clusters of Always Defect individuals, far from prospering by each other's presence, do especially badly in each other's presence.
13. His business is prospering(, and he is becoming increasingly wealthy.
14. The reason why his business prospering is that he always manages to prosper everything he does.
15. Conscientiously implement the principles and prospering schools , increase faculty - building efforts.
16. The rope is proper property to the prospering rope maker.
17. Play an important role in prospering and developing the Chinese catering trade.
18. The country is prospering under a strong government.
19. Our country is thriving and prospering day by day.
20. Many less privileged state schools are also prospering: after dividing their intake into separate streams, for example, they charge more for the classes with better teachers and facilities.
21. It is sold to some prospering neighbour.
22. China is prospering with each passing day.
23. Microsoft was already prospering when IBM adapted personal computer in 1981.
24. Still, with veterinary bills and high-fat, high-protein diets to maintain, the burly, bearded Diehl is scarcely prospering.
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25. The hexagram reflected the tradition of respecting agriculture in the Zhou Dynasty and strategies of prospering the state by agriculture.
26. The electron - agriculture service is very important for the agricultural modernization, farmer income improving and countryside prospering.
27. Private trade developed in China at the grassroots level, emerging from rural regions and prospering because it filled a vital need.
28. He took that small retirement check and started a new business at the age of 65. Today, that business is prospering and successful all over the world!
29. In 1664 , the British decided to seize the prospering colony for themselves.
30. But as the poorest country in Central America Nicaragua is hardly prospering.
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