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Prospering in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-02-13
Similar words: prosperityprospectingeconomic prosperityprosperProsperoprospectprosperousprospectorMeaning: ['prɑspə(r) /'prɒ-] adj. very lively and profitable. random good picture
1. The children seem to be prospering under their care.
2. The newly developed satellite town is prospering with each passing day.
3. His business is prospering.
4. His business is prospering, and he is becoming increasingly wealthy.
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5. Conscientiously implement the principles and prospering schools , increase faculty - building efforts.
6. The rope is proper property to the prospering rope maker.
7. Play an important role in prospering and developing the Chinese catering trade.
8. The country is prospering under a strong government.
9. Our country is thriving and prospering day by day.
10. It is sold to some prospering neighbour.
11. China is prospering with each passing day.
12. Microsoft was already prospering when IBM adapted personal computer in 1981.
13. The company is prospering through good management.
14. Rex was not prospering quite as well as had been predicted.
15. Today business is still prospering.
16. Culture and art prospering.
17. Is your son prospering?
18. In 1664 [], the British decided to seize the prospering colony for themselves.
19. But as the poorest country in Central America Nicaragua is hardly prospering.
20. With the deepening of finance globalization and the activeness of finance innovation, multinational banks are prospering.
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