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Property right in a sentence

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Sentence count:168Posted:2018-05-06Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: propertyproperty taxproperty lineproperty ownerreal propertypublic propertystolen propertymovable propertyMeaning: n. the right of ownership. 
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1) The firm was found to have infringed intellectual property rights.
2) Do you know the intellectual property rights?
3) They reaffirm the importance of recognizing intellectual property rights.
4) The United States sees intellectual property rights as sacred, said Thomas Klitgaard, an attorney specializing in international law.
5) Typical legal rights are property rights and contractual rights.
6) In addition to inadequate protection of intellectual property rights these included a range of import tariffs, import licensing and customs practices.
7) Property rights thus have a distributional implication - who compensates whom - but also act to achieve the socially efficient allocation.
8) Arguments over intellectual property rights and re-writing code have been doing the rounds of the court system for years.
9) Reforms to property rights, pension ear-marking and changes to allow couples to enter enforceable cohabitation contracts are also suggested.
10) The issue of intellectual property right is an evitable problem during digital library construction.
11) In China, the nature of lessees' preemptive right has changed from the the stage of "property right" to the stage of "undetermined nature" and then to "obligatory right".
12) Clear property right is the basis for tax levy, and real property tax is in essence levied on property right taxation.
13) The property right of corporation is the basic system insurance of the independent college.
14) The approach property right firstly, then, choosing action for indemnity or government intervention as a solution.
15) The personal property right in the public property right must be bound for the public property right,( and its profit must be protected for that.
16) The registration of a property right in the land register is a prerequisite to ownership.
17) At 23 and with just 12 Tests behind him, the blond Aussie is cricket's hottest property right now.
18) Government is important because it can and should establish and enforce rules of conduct and protect property rights.
19) His main point was simply that legal entitlements - property rights - can be bought and sold.
20) Here are some of the main arguments for and against the private property rights bill.
21) The action stems from a letter Apple sent Quorum lawyers on March 17 accusing it of infringing its intellectual property rights.
22) He has, he says, no wish to compromise the commercial and intellectual property rights of the research based pharmaceutical companies.
23) Similarly, the principle of the Law of Jubilee was that the rich should not be allowed to accumulate all property rights.
24) When only a few people are involved, a system of property rights may establish the missing market.
25) The law of confidence can be a very useful adjunct to other intellectual property rights.
26) A particular stumbling-block is the significance of possession as a determinant of property rights.
27) Market systems that allow individuals to pursue their own interests within a system of property rights, contracts,( right.html) and market prices.
28) Especially today when the world knowledge economy is at its best, any international trade has something to do with intellectual property right.
29) The best system to utilize resources is to establish a perfect market economic system, a standard market order, a scientific macro-controlled system and property right system.
30) The main reason for the inefficiency in our financial institutions is the unclearness of financial property right relation under the traditional financial system.
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