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Pronominal in a sentence

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Similar words: nominalnominallynominalismnominal costnominal headnominal incomenominal valuenominal outputMeaning: [prə'nɑmɪnl /-'nɒ-] n. a phrase that functions as a pronoun. adj. relating to pronouns. 
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1 The pronominal function of gender reflects a genuine, non-arbitrary distinction between male and female.
2 Lyons suggests that this x retains a pronominal element, as well as containing an adverbial element similar to here.
3 In these cases, pronominal reference is naturally plural, as with they, them, these, and so on.
4 Let's assume that proportions of full NP to pronominal subjects stays constant throughout development.
5 This paper mainly discusses the third person pronominal anaphora.
6 Focused on pronominal and definite nominal anaphora for an information extraction system,[] this method is divided into two parts: the rule-based and the factors-based statistical resolution algorithm.
7 The English and Chinese unmarked personal anaphora are pronominal anaphora and zero anaphora respectively.
8 Pronominal anaphora is one kind of anaphora.
9 This continuum stretches from full repetition at one end of the scale to pronominal reference at the other.
10 This line of reasoning is intended to provide a means for felicitous plural and singular pronominal reference under appropriate circumstances.
11 The following text illustrates the kind of problem that the pronominal function of gender can pose in translation.
12 "Female fist hand " become for a time " cruel " pronominal.
13 By around age three, George has ceased using null subjects, and has the following proportions for overt subject use: he uses full NP subjects 25% of the time, and pronominal subjects 75% of the time.
14 The left dislocation construction refers to a syntactic structure in which a constituent is moved to the beginning of a sentence and the original position is usually marked by a pronominal element.
15 The rule of the distribution of the nominal and pronominal anaphora based on the Rhetorical Structure Theory is employed in this paper to analyze the texts from FIDIC Contract Conditions.
16 Finally, a pragmatic and cognitive model of anaphoric repair is advanced for a comprehensive and synthetic interpretation of repairs of pronominal forms.
17 Resembling a pronoun, as by specifying a person, place, or thing, while functioning primarily as another part of speech. His in his choice is a pronominal adjective.
18 There is a general tendency that most languages should change into SVO order from SOV order and that's why pronominal objects change their position in Chinese.
19 Shipping everybody ever was regarded as to be intelligence quotient a time flatly pronominal.
20 However, although Chinese is a prop-drop language and does often use zero anaphor for second mention, it also appears to opt for pronominal anaphora in certain discourse contexts and situations.
21 In Chinese, there are mainly three kinds of anaphora: zero anaphora, pronominal anaphora and nominal anaphora.
22 The left dislocation construction refers to a syntactic structure in which a constituent is moved to the beginning of a sentence and original position is usually marked by a pronominal element.
23 In their pioneering work, Brown and Gilman proposed the sociolinguistic terms power semantic and solidarity semantic for the first time, which govern the choice of the pronominal forms.
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