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Production cost in a sentence

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Sentence count:147Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2017-02-13
Similar words: productionreproductionintroductionproductiveproductivityreproductiveproductgross domestic productMeaning: n. combined costs of raw material and labor incurred in producing goods. 
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1. The new assemply line has halved the production cost.
2. The firm's production cost will understate the true social cost and the good will be overproduced.
3. The total production cost is the sum of these two quantities, giving the line so marked.
4. Although the voluntary sector still possesses a relative production cost advantage over the commercial sector, this advantage is narrowing.
5. To increase production capacity of nitriding ferroalloys, reducing production cost, PSA nitrogen plant is selected.
6. In This paper, with achieving the lowest production cost as its aim, the optimal combination-matching of the allocation of accuracy index is discussed.
7. The localization of industry has effect on the production cost and transaction expense of enterprises in the cluster.
8. Monitor production order and analyze production cost variance basis.
9. The finished product rate will rise while production cost will be reduced.
10. Gross profit is sale minus production cost.
11. It has long service life and low production cost.
12. However, increasing water, electricity and gas bills are adding to production cost pressures, the association says.
13. Of course, the reduction in reports also leads to a lower administrative and production cost.
14. Appearance of thin ceramic film promotes development trends of miniaturisation, lower production cost and larger capacitance of multilayer ceramic capacitors.
15. So it is important for the sericultural farmer to adopt silkworm rearing techniques for saving labour and reducing the labour cost of production cost.
16. The study on small hollow fly ash concrete block has been carried out for lowering the production cost, and to meet the bearing wall body requirement.
17. The invention simplifies the process layout, saves the equipment space, reduces the temperature reduction of the tube blank, lowers the production cost and improves the production efficiency.
18. However, under asymmetric information, the customer enterprise can not clearly know its effect on the production cost of service provider.
19. The gas and liquid filter media treated by low pressure plasma technology have good quality and low production cost.
20. Said invention has no need of adding alkaline solution in hydrolysate in the course of whole hydrolysis, can simplify downstream process and is favorable for reducing production cost of oligopeptide.
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21. A suggestion for large scale prodution of iminodiacetic acid by hydrocyanic acid was raised to increase product quality, reduce production cost and improve the competitive power in the world.
22. The technology can shorten testing and production test period, and reduce production cost.
23. The camera lens focalizer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and low production cost.
24. It is an important measure to increase the pulverized coal injection(PCI) to reduce the coke ratio and production cost of hot metal.
25. This technique cut off benzene and acetonitrile weakened the toxicity, reduced the production cost.
26. The results of it's application have shown that it can partially replace titanium dioxide or lithopone and reduce production cost as well.
27. That included China's bottom-line iron ore price and every steelmaker's inventory, production cost, schedule and manufacturing details.
28. On 2006, organize and implement performance program which succeed with short 30% employee, raise 30% production output, reduce 15% production cost.
29. This clinometer not only provides reliable ensurement and technical support for the well drilling positioning, but also lowers the production cost and improves the production ef...
30. The most common approach is ' cost-plus ', or calculating the basic production cost and adding on a margin for profit.
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