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Processing unit in a sentence

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1. A processing unit can assume a new state even if the result is an overall increase in energy.
2. The multiprocessor version of the R4000 central processing unit is expected, finally, in November.
3. Now I want to upgrade the Central Processing Unit.
4. The microprocessor is a central processing unit on a single chip.
5. GPU(Graphic Processing Unit) is powerful for Data-Parallel Pro-cessing but it is idle for the most of time.
6. The central processing unit - CPU is the brain of the computer.
7. A computer usually consists of input, central processing unit ( CPU ) and output.
8. Central Processing Unit. The part of a processor that executes instructions.
9. A silicon chip that contains central processing unit.
10. The tool consists of flowrate processing unit, gamma processing unit, temperature processing unit, magnetic signal processing unit, modulating transmission unit and electric processing Unit.
11. The data processing unit using VLIW and SIMD vector structure is the key of the architecture.
12. Graphic Processing Unit(GPU) uses a huge number of transistors to create a large number of processing units, applying to the handling of Single-Instruction Multiple-Data(SIMD) computing tasks.
13. Therefore, the speech processing unit is an important part of the vehicle-carried communication controller system.
14. Windows works by timesharing the central processing unit ( CPU ).
15. The MSC 1211 microcontroller signal processing unit, so that the pyrometer shows the advantages of high accuracy.
16. Aron is being held without bail at the Central Processing Unit in Rockville.
17. Another focus of the research involves consideration of the function used for the output of a processing unit.
18. Hardware includes the computer screen, the pussyfoot, keyboard and of course the central processing unit that does all of the hard work for you.
19. A base station radio frequency device provided by the embodiment of the invention comprises a shell, an intermediate radio frequency processing unit and a duplexer.
20. By analysis of general real Fast Fourier Transform(FFT)algorithm, an improved real FFT algorithm is presented based on Graphic Processing Unit(GPU).
21. It consists of an 8-bit 6502 CPU (without support for decimal mode, also known as BCD), DMA transfer unit, pseudo audio processing unit, 1/12 clock divider, and a bit of logic for address decoding.
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22. After the failure, IR 2130 fault within the logic processing unit fault output will remain closed state.
23. The ALU is one component of the CPU ( central processing unit ).
24. Very often there are several terminals connected to one central processing unit.
25. To transfer data from a device such as microcomputer to a processing unit.
26. The memory core of the computer relies mostly on magnetic components, while the central processing unit uses electrical signals to operate.
27. There will be a separate data bus connecting the central processing unit to memory devices.
28. A home-position detecting unit detects a home position of a moving member of the processing unit by detecting a part of the moving member using a detecting unit.
29. To solve the confliction between the location of data sampling unit and processing unit, a set of fault diagnosis monitor system for mobile device based on DSP and WLAN is developed.
30. Every desktop and laptop computer common use today contains a microprocessor as its central processing unit.
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