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Process data in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-11-25Updated:2017-11-25
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1. The computer is useful in processing data.
2. Or, different nets may need to process data simultaneously to produce a combined result.
3. Other facilities for changing, deleting and processing data are also provided.
4. This contrasts strongly with the simplicity of word processing, data base or even spreadsheet software.
5. For the chip computer is used to process data,( the operation of users is more flexible.
6. Obtaining the real-time process data of weight, refining number, temperature, components, time, on the basic of L2 process computer.
7. When compared to MapReduce, Percolator can process data with far lower latency, with an additional set of resources to support random lookups.
8. The process data library, the design rule library and the package library were set up in CADENCEs MCM design system, based on high temperature co fire process.
9. Based on the wavelet, the time to process data is shortened.
10. SPM 99 was used to process data and localize functional areas.
11. Product and process data shall be reviewed to assess performance against food safety design requirements.
12. It will have the capability to process data at a rate of one terabit per second, equivalent to the data transmitted by ten thousand weather satellites.
13. Review, input and study daily production, process data, write technical report.
14. The neural network approach requires fewer resources than conventional statistical methods, and further, can process data in real time.
15. From the results of optimizing parameters of the model, two cases of off-line prediction of silicon content in hot metal have been tested with plant process data.
16. It is shown that the feature extraction works well for process data with regular time interval.
17. The application of ARCNET network and RS422/485 communication method provide the ability of exchanging and managing process data.
18. This article discuss the principle of the fluorination about vinylidene chloride and HF, and the technology require of fluorination reactor, optimize process data and waste water treatment technology.
18. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
19. Finally, wavelets decomposition is used to achieve decorrelation of process data. In addition, multi-resolution wavelets analysis can monitor signal at multiple scales.
20. Since a lexical analyzer is actually nothing more than a parser optimized to process data into token streams, Spirit treats both parts of the process virtually identically.
21. However, due to measurement, instrumental, computational, and even human errors, the measured process data always mix with noise ineluctably.
22. Modeling of these dynamics principle is not always possible , which brings difficulties to process data rectification.
23. Computer aided Process Plan (CAPP) is an important part in the informatization of enterprise as the process data it generates supports greatly to the company's production activity.
24. Processor hierarchy are used for guaranty that bottom hierarchy can provide line speed and high hierarchy can have enough cycles to process data needed a large amount of transaction times.
25. The degree to which a system or resource is ready when needed to process data.
26. An improved MT - NT combined method used in gross error detection and reconciliation process data is described.
27. This paper summarized the characters of historical data in process industry and defined the models of signal tag, process data and history database property.
28. Quality objective and performance indicators , technology data and process data etc.
29. Some statistical methods , such as correlational analysis and ANOVA have been applied to process data obtained.
30. Ability to open files or run other software to process data or report information.
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