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Probe into in a sentence

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Similar words: come into beingbring into beingprobeproberbe innocent ofspace probebe in the redbe in the right
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1. The police probe into organized crime led to several arrests.
2. But what right had he to probe into her personal life?
3. Ammiano called for a probe into reports of voter fraud.
4. A federal grand jury will probe into the financial dealings between the two men.
5. Why do you want to probe into old wounds like this?
6. The government probe into manipulation is on two tacks, traders said.
7. Never probe into the canal itself. 4 Brush the outside of the ear section by section in a downward direction.
8. Help yourself and your friends probe into the secrets of the subconscious.
9. Randi is not concerned to probe into why this should be so.
10. Education officials have ordered a formal probe into allegations the pupil was struck at Darlington's Hummersknot School.
11. AIM: To probe into the exactitude of color kinesis in assessing the systolic velocity of cardiac muscle.
12. Objective: probe into the treatment method of lacrimal sac and nasal cavity anastomosis surgery failed cases.
13. Objective:Probe into the nursing measures of vinpocetine coalition citicoline sodium to treat sudden deafness.
14. Object: To probe into the curative effect of complex therapy of lithagogue in treating cholelithiasis chole- cystolithiasis.
15. Objective: to probe into the influence of nurse-patient relation on the rehabilitation confidence of psychotic patients.
16. A great quantity of work and the painstaking probe into the rational distribution and coordination of the documentary resource sharing have been done since the PRC was established.
17. Objective:To probe into the advantage of using Ho:YAG laser under arthroscope and improved quadricepsplasty to treat the straighten stiff knee joint and the way of early recovery.
18. Objective : To probe into the relationship between postoperative nourishment of children with cleft palate and perforation.
19. Objective:To probe into the interrelation between osteo porosis and old radius far end fracture.
19. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
20. Objective It is designed to probe into the orientation and extraction of embedded mesiodens.
21. Objective To probe into the inhibiting action of Compound Biejiarangan Troche on alcohol hepatic fibrosis in rats.
22. Objective To probe into the molecular genetics basis for para - Bombay phenotype.
23. Objective: To probe into the diathesis of nursing teaching in the army hospital.
24. OBJECTIVE : To probe into the current situation and developing trend of Ibuprofen in China.
25. Objective:To probe into the application of performance rating in nursing management of general surgery department(, so as to enhance the quality of nursing management.
26. Purpose To probe into morphologic and immunophenotypic features of anaplastic large cell lymphoma ( ALCL ).
27. OBJECTIVE: To probe into the oxidative impairment of O3 in rats and protection of lycopene .
28. Objective To probe into the effects of methylphenidate injecting in Zusanli point on patients with hiccup post cerebrocranial trauma.
29. Calibration of the measuring system was done before the insertion of the probe into the rectum.
30. Well , I don't think you have the ability to probe into someone else's heart. ".
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