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Probability theory in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2018-05-09Updated:2018-05-09
Similar words: probabilityimprobabilityin all probabilityprobability modelprobabilisticquantity theory of moneyreciprocity theoremability to payMeaning: n. the branch of applied mathematics that deals with probabilities. 
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1. It is at least arguable, moreover, that no probability theory allows for the explanation of single events.
2. Experimental backing is an aspect of probability theory and statistics.
3. These employ probability theory, hence the term probabilistic sampling.
4. To take advantage of relative knowledge of probability theory to treat and analyze pollution.
5. Based on fuzzy maths principle, with probability theory and matrix calculation, multiple synthesized assessment system is set up to quantify the evaluation of students'volleyball teaching ability.
6. Mathematical expectation is important concept of probability theory, to apply mathematic expectation discuss economic problems, and obtain useful conclusions.
7. Fudan University. Basic of Probability Theory. Beijing: People's Education Press, 1979 ( in Chinese ) .
8. On the Connected Teaching of " Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics " and " Medical Statistics "
9. One of the first principles of probability theory is called the multiplication rule.
10. They are reproducible subject to probability theory.
11. What's probability theory you ask?Why it's counting. How many ways are there to make a Full House in poker?Or a Royal Flush?
12. In 1738, Daniel, trying to solve aproblem in probability theory and the theory of gambling by use of thecalculus, stumbled on the concept of the law of diminishing marginal utility ofmoney.
13. Statistical analysis of data requires an understanding of basic four-figure maths, algebra, probability theory, and calculus.
14. Its mathematical foundations were laid in the 17th century with the development of probability theory by Pascal and Fermat.
15. Though traditional methods in non-deterministic planning are based on probability theory, we believe our method is better because possibility theory is more powerful in handling ignorance.
15. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. A very small or impossible event can be referred to as "small probability event " according to the probability theory of higher mathematics in college.
17. Bayes was one of two main influences on the early development of probability theory and statistics.
18. We never use more than the convenient language of probability theory.
19. When reliability of network of life line engineering is calculated with probability theory, large work hours and large calculating operation time are always necessary.
20. Parameter estimation as minimization – intro to method of least squares, introduction to probability theory, conditional and joint probabilities, statistical independence.
21. The jaw crusher teeth - plate is loaded by fuzzy and probability theory.
22. On the basis of some necessary assumptions, applying the methods of probability theory and search theory, the searching effectiveness model was set up.
23. This paper draws a conclusion that Generalized Possibility Theory is Fuzzy Probability theory, and the present Possibility Theory is a special case of Fuzzy Probability Theory.
24. Solving the distribution of random variable function which is of great significance whether in theory or in application is an important question in probability theory.
25. Jaynes , E . T . ( 2003 ) . Probability theory: The logic of science . Cambridge University Press.
26. This paper presents an algorithm for threshold employing gray level arithmetic mean based on relevant conception in probability theory.
27. Analyses the simultaneous opening door quantity in smoke - preventing stairwell with probability theory.
28. Meanwhile, the set condition that pedestrian crossing transforms from non-signal control mode to signal control mode is analyzed by using probability theory and gap acceptance theory.
29. A stochastic process, or sometimes random process, is the counterpart to a deterministic process (or deterministic system) in probability theory.
30. The activity that produces such an event is referred to in probability theory as an experiment.
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