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Primary cell in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-03-12Updated:2019-03-12
Similar words: primary careprimary care physicianprimary marketprimaryprimary keyprimary routeopen primaryprimary dataMeaning: n. an electric cell that generates an electromotive force by an irreversible conversion of chemical to electrical energy; cannot be recharged. 
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1. Objective To improve the primary cell culture methods of colorectal adenomas.
2. Expression of an oncogene in a primary cell can, paradoxically, block proliferation by inducing senescence or apoptosis through pathways that remain to be elucidated.
3. A highly efficient method was developed for primary cell culture of Chinese silkworm ( Bombyx mori ) ovaries.
4. Method:With MTT assay, the growth state of primary cell culture from adenomyotic implants of 11 women with adenomyosis was studied.
5. Objective To modify a better primary cell culture method of trophoblastic cells.
6. Objective To establish primary cell culture conditions for tuberomammillary nucleus (TM) histaminergic neurons of neonatal rats.
7. However primary cell culture Methods: Which are employed now have many defects.
8. We further developed the primary cell culture if the tumor cells which would lead to better use of this genetic model.
9. Primary cell culture was made from 23 malignant trophoblastic tumors and 19 normal early pregnant villi.
10. Matlashewski has described two groups of genes that are required in the morphological transformation of normal primary cells invitro.
11. A two- (or more) cell strategy provides the capability to divert traffic to an alternate cell (cell B) while maintenance is being applied to a primary cell (cell A).
12. The results show that the ferrate can be used as cathode material in non-aqueous system to make lithium-ferrate primary cell.
12. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
13. We also established the cell line of this transgenic mice model through primary cell culture to make use this model more efficiently.
14. Objective To find proper method for dissociation of carcinoma cells from laryngeal squamous carcinoma tissue in primary cell culture.
15. Electrochemical corrosion is corrosion damage phenomenon that the metal contacts with electrolyte to form primary cell.
16. The process of cooperative teaching on physics and chemistry experiment, which measuring the electromotive force and internal resistance using the primary cell produced by fruit, is expatiated.
17. When external resistance is increased, the MFC output electric current becomes smaller and smaller. The principle is in agreement with primary cell electrode.
18. Objective To investigate the effect of peptide extract from scorpion venom(PESV) in suppressing adhesion and invasion of leukemic primary cell.
19. I'm a Mac and iPhone developer and I've just spent the past week using a Google Nexus One as my primary cell phone rather than an iPhone as I have for the past three years.
20. The effect occurs because of a molecule called staphylococcal lipoteichoic acid that acts on keratinocytes, the primary cell type found in the epidermis – or outer skin layer.
21. Pectin, the major component in the middle lamella and primary cell wall of higher plants, has a great impact on the viscosity and turbidity of fruit juices.
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