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Prestress in a sentence

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1. It was the invention of pre-stressed concrete that really transformed building techniques.
2. Based on prestress loss theory, a simplified analytic algorithm of virtual frictional loss function was set up in a universal way.
3. The result of the prestress design is actually the solution space of a homogeneous linear set.
4. This paper introduces how to control the prestress of the longitudinal piezoelectric transducer according to the principle of the piezoelectric effects.
5. The double - layer cable structure is the prestress equilibrium systems composed by tensional cables and struts.
6. The major factor that affects the prestress loss of cable in diluvium slope is the creep of the rock, the influences of construction and environment factors possess time effect; 4.
7. The prestrain and prestress around the interference-fit hole for bald-aluminum alloy LY12CZ sheet under tension load, levels of 35% 60% and 68% , are studied by Moiye's method.
8. The calculation method of multistorey multispan partially prestressed frame with the method of the degree of prestress and equivalent load is introduced in this paper.
9. The prestressed anchors will get accessional vertical loads that deteriorate its internal force and three prestress losses exit in the prestressed anchors as the water level is changed.
10. Due to exerting prestress, the structure has self - centering capability.
10. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
11. At the same time, with the effect of prestress force, changes of temperature and driving of vehicle, curved beam appears lateral displacement, bearing bears transverse reactions.
12. Based on the structural determination of prestress pin joint assembly, the structural characteristics of the prestress pin joint structures are discussed in this paper.
13. External prestress has achieved a widespread use already, however its theory of computation is still less-perfect.
14. Shear lag is reduced for prestress in serviceability limIt'state.
15. Initial prestress, length of free-segment of anchor cable and the load value determine contribution value and action occasion of the anchor cable and tunnel anchorage.
16. Then the prestress of the piles was adjusted value in prefabrication, and good effect was achieved.
17. It is important to calculate the initial prestress for cable - truss initial state form - finding.
18. By the test of anchor cable pull-out intensity, research is carried on anchor capability, stiffness coefficient and prestress losses of anchor cable in reinforcing similar soil slopes.
19. The R . C . silo that has been and summarized inand unbonded prestress concrete silo is put forward.
20. The finite element model which analyzes the property of the curved box bridge is established to study the property of curved box bridge with the loads such as gravity and prestress.
21. Lastly design of P. C. continuous curved girder bridge is discussed in the paper, in especial prestress reinforcing steel bar's loss and bearing design.
22. Combined with the deep excavation for foundation of Shanxi International Trade Centre project, adopts support pile and prestress anchors, and compiles construction method.
23. And numerical example is adopted to explain the influence of external prestress to the vibration frequency and modality for simple beam.
24. The optimized reposition balance method for force-finding analysis usually is employed to accurately evaluate the self-balance prestress of tensility structures.
25. The paper introduced some control methods and measures of part prestress concrete continuous box beam.
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