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Pressure level in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2019-04-11Updated:2019-04-11
Similar words: pressure vesselelectric pressurepressurepressure sorelow pressureacupressuregas pressureair pressureMeaning: n. the force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit). 
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1, How many ability is normal blood pressure level be normal?
2, The paper concludes that noise pressure level emitted from the headstock of a lathe is closely related to its idle running Empirical formula has been derived for calculating machine noise.
3, In order to calculate the sound pressure level of noise signal, a new arithmetic of noise frequency weight, which is based on spline interpolation, is presented in this paper.
4, Fire power is to design high - pressure level ( often high - pressure ) fire - fighting water supply system of necessary conditions.
5, Besides, the influences of sound pressure level, residence time and initial total number concentration on agglomeration were investigated.
6, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Sound pressure level is a measurement of the pressure fluctuations of a sound wave as it propagates through the air.
7, With the measurement of average sound pressure level and sound power level, the noise reduction result of the oil pan made by sandwich steel plate was proved.
8, The sound pressure level changes acutely in shock intersection, and shocks outside nozzle and exhaust plume cause strong noise.
9, Regularities of pressure on surface with sound pressure level and frequency are also given.
10, Sound exposure is the combined result of sound pressure level and action time.
11, Under the same frequency and same sound pressure level,( level.html) the infrasound damage on the brain didn't show linear correlation with the acting time of infrasound.
12, The A-weighted sound pressure level is measured with test standard for national code.
13, In this paper, the sound pressure level of each frequency of NO. 5 subway line noise is presented through the long-term research on it and test data in Yonghegong Station.
14, Finally figures of direction coefficient of sound pressure level are given out. Then using these figures the relationship between sound power level and sound pressure level radiated by a fan in...
15, Higher sound pressure level(SPL)favored both collision efficiency and agglomeration kernel, so acoustic agglomeration increased in the higher-intensity acoustic field.
16, Peak - to - peak equivalent sound pressure level.
17, Objective To analyze adolescent blood pressure level and its relation to growth indexes.
18, Methods:To measure the peak sound pressure level of impulse noise during missile firing.
19, However, at the fixed effective pressure level, the effect of temperature on the porosity of sandstone is very small.
20, They were required by statute to keep their pipes at a certain pressure level.
21, If a doctor treats a patient with high blood pressure he records blood pressure levels before, during and after treatment.
22, With the introduction of these methods, the gear sound pressure level can be decreased.
23, Based on the masking properties of the psychoacoustic model, we then derive the required sound pressure level of the watermark.
24, ASW can be evenly broadened to a wide range by adjust the sound pressure level of central loudspeaker.
25, Afterwards, the venting system automatically re - seals itself when the gas pressure level returns its normal rate.
26, Combining with the national and foreign related standards, the selection of SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of sound reinforcement system is discussed in terms of technique and implement.
27, By Combining acoustics with electrics, and based on sound pressure level a calculating method was presented to determine the magnititude of electric-power inputting to sound-box.
28, The "doublesichamber negative pressure method" in a shock tube system for high sound pressure level calibration is provided in this paper.
29, AQ10 has a true natural performance of its greatest feature is lightweight and has a higher sound pressure level, it needs to meet a lot of small speakers and a small space to meet the occasion.
30, The results will provide decision basis for determining reasonable preserved oil reservoir pressure level, reasonable liquid? producing capacity and for conversing of production way in time.
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