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Pressure drop in a sentence

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Sentence count:94Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
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1. Again, let pressure drop naturally. Stir in peas and parsley.
2. As it streams out, the pressure drops and a cloud of particles forms.
3. The pressure drop was the driving force of atomization by nozzle.
4. Pressure drop is the basic data for design and operation of a gas - liquid impinging stream scrubber.
5. Furthermore, with the solid mass concentration increasing, the pressure drop of rough-cut cyclone separator decreases, and the separation efficiency and gas discharge of dipleg increase.
6. In spray region, the effective pressure drop is mainly dependent on the static pressure drop due to liquid holdup on the tray, its value is not affected by hole gas velocity.
7. High porosity, high air permeability and low pressure drop.
8. Pressure drop is a key parameter for evaluating filter performance.
9. For branch network, initial flow and initial pressure drop are distributed, and initial pipe diameters are selected.
10. Large one, higher work capacity, small pressure drop and diffluence ratio.
11. The relation equation of pressure drop in oil tank vers burning time and the air volume is established.
12. Experiments of heat transfer and pressure drop in a corrugated plate air-cooled heat exchanger were conducted with variable supply air and hot water flow rates.
13. The structure-related pressure drop model has good accuracy for calculating pressure drop of rough-cut cyclone.
14. According to the mechanism of pressure drop,( vortex theory and the bed equivalent flow model were brought in.
15. We educe relative prediction formula of pressure drop flow of water cut crude oil in pipeline.
16. The window in the cockpit had blown in and the pressure dropped dramatically.
17. As the magma rises towards the surface the confining pressure drops and gas bubbles begin to form and move upwards.
18. Based on the model to calculate mixture loss, a new calculation model of pressure drop for stratified flow in horizontal wellbore has been developed by applying the momentum conservation equation.
19. Such distributors have good gas equidistribution, less mist entrainment as well as low pressure drop, and have already been successfully applied in a large lube vaccum tower.
20. On the base of deeply understanding of preheater cyclone, dose the research for the flow of gas, moving tracks of particles, pressure drop and separated efficiency in many different conditions.
21. Please refer to "Flow Calculations " in the Technical Data section for swing check valve flow coefficient (Cv) and equations to calculate pressure drop through the valve.
22. The results show that the flame height and the excess air ratios depend on the system pressure drop but not on the absolute pressure at the combustion chamber.
23. For the safety of gas transmission in long distance pipeline, the method regarding how to get the proper value of pressure drop rate for the fast block valve on pipeline is studied.
24. Moreover, the uniflow hydrocyclone has the traits of big capacity, low pressure drop and a little low separation efficiency in contrast to the returned flow hydrocyclone.
25. Absolute AquaLine? Series Filter Cartridges feature polypropylene media and a proprietary oring seal. Our pleated construction provides maximum flow rates with the lowest possible pressure drop.
26. When viscous forces predominate the flow is proportional to the pressure drop across the element.
27. Sensors can be mounted without shutting down flow and there is no obstruction or pressure drop. Flow rate and totalizer are displayed continuously along with battery status, signal strength.
28. The method of direction distinguishing not only is that used in heat transfer data processing of heat exchanger, but it is also used to find the solution of norm equation for pressure drop test.
29. Criteria for selection is minimum flow, normal flow, maximum flow and pressure drop across the valve.
30. Parallel - flow heat exchanger has the advantage of integrative performance considering the pressure drop, size and weight.
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