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Pressure control in a sentence

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(1) A simple air pressure control valve as used in aircraft is shown in Figure 7.10 to illustrate the procedure.
(2) Pressure control is used for rolling press force control and bend-roller force control.
(3) It is applicable to pressure control and protection of pressure systems such as boiler, water press , oil hydraulic press , air compress and air conditioning.
(4) The working principle of contact pressure control system of PA 66 tire cord winding machine was introduced.
(5) The pressure control system can be designed optimally and its controllability could be improved for the reference input tracking and disturbance restraining including the flow force.
(6) Precise pressure control and pressure adjustment can be critical factors when working with either pressure fed fluids, air pilot regulator supply or during test and inspection applications.
(7) For a specific pneumatic pressure control system, varied structure VSC control is applied(, slide valve control law is designed and a good result is achieved.
(8) DAPC is a new pressure control drilling technology that is mainly aims at depleted reservoir, narrow window reservoir, abnormal pressure reservoir and so on.
(10) Customer installations generally include a tank, vaporizer, and pressure control manifold ( see Fig . 3 ).
(11) To solve strata pressure control of shallow coal seam with thick sand and thin bedrock, in-situ observation was carried out in Baoshan mine 6101 fully mechanized coalface, which is the first coalface.
(12) Pressure control system is one of the most essential and important systems for an aerostat, the engineering design of which may directly relate to its security and capability.
(13) The static error of pressure control less than 3%, the test results show it is validity for the multi-point hydraulic synchronous system.
(14) Modern advanced automatic winder tension control and automatic pressure control cradle organically through the computer together.
(15) Taking the application of pressure control system of coke furnace in coal carbonization for example, the paper discussed the design and application of the the real-time expert controller.
(16) It is also equipped with a high pressure control pilot which allows for high pressure relief service.
(17) Achieve continuous balance between produced and consumed steam. This master pressure control approach controls total heat input into boilers[ ], as well as total steam flow into each header.
(18) This thesis introduces the engineering outline of "Refrom item of coke oven collector pressure control system of Chang-Chun charking factory".
(19) This paper introduces the application of the microcomputer to production adjustment and pressure control in the pipe- net of gas.
(20) Use of renin - angiotensin system blockers improved minimally, as did blood pressure control.
(21) This is largely separated into 3 sections - Gear Ratio Control, Acceleration Control, and Side Pressure Control.
(22) Preeclampsia-eclampsia is caused by generalized vasospasm, activation of the coagulation system, and changes in autoregulatory systems related to blood pressure control.
(23) Electric control system is composed of temperature control system, drive control system, pressure control system, vacuum safe warning system, and other power supply control system.
(24) Based on the digital function of the high-speed valve, a kind of digital pressure control system was designed.
(25) Analyses and compares the minimum resistance control and the constant terminal differential pressure control in energy saving effects.
(26) The aeration tank can be partition into some air and liquid osculant phases. Air and liquid flow in the same direction, the aeration tank will supply oxygen by automatic pressure control.
(27) The article brings out an intelligent control method based on STEP7, and takes it into the using of gas-collector pressure control system of dual coke furnace.
(28) Adenosine has been shown to play an important modulatory role in blood pressure control in the NTS.
(29) The utility model relates to an automatic electric pressure cooker, which comprises a cooker cover (2), an outer shell (3), an inner pan (5), a heating plate (6) and a pressure control device (7).
(30) According to the characteristics of nonlinear, close coupling and multiple loop for coke oven collector pressure control systems, a new mixed control method is proposed.
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