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Precession in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2017-03-30
Similar words: recessionsecessionrecessivecessionconcessionprocessionsuccessionoppressionMeaning: [prɪ'seʃn] n. 1. the motion of a spinning body (as a top) in which it wobbles so that the axis of rotation sweeps out a cone 2. the act of preceding in time or order or rank (as in a ceremony). 
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1. Calculations using Newtonian mechanics predict a precession of 532 arcsec per century.
2. The data curve of FHD-1 nuclear precession magnetometer in Taian station always shows some accidented variation in recent years. After study we found out that it is caused by instrumental malfunction.
3. The so-called lunisolar precession is caused by the inequality of the moments of inertia of the earth.
4. For instance, if the rate of precession matches the rate at which the host planet orbits the sun, the moon is said to be in an "evection" resonance.
5. An example is periodic motion, such as the precession of a particle with intrinsic spin and magnetic moment in a constant magnetic field.
6. This gyroscopic motion is called precession.
7. The tropical year is a phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes in astronomy.
8. Precession is of utmost importance since it causes relatively rapid changes in coordinates d and б.
9. Due to lunar precession , this time is longer than that if the perigee's position was fixed.
10. For those who haven't heard the word, "precession" is when an object with a nonspherical shape wobbles around its rotation axis.
11. The so - called precession is caused by the inequality of the moments of inertia of the earth.
12. Black body temperature, orbital elements, the Milankovitch precession index, and the Seversmith psychroterms.
13. To move in or be subjected to precession.
14. Like precession, mountains produce some quadrupole asymmetry, so they will radiate.
15. According to the precession rule, the integrated drift error model of ESG in ESGM is given.
16. It is due to a phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes.
17. In the third chapter, precession cone semi - angle is discussed.
18. It goes backward, and is therefore called a precession.
19. Then, the impact of black hole masses on disk - driven precession model is discussed.
20. The relation between vortical intensity and geometric as well as moving parameters is expressed by one of the formulas while the law of precession of vortical n...
21. The flow field of the precessing jet is obtained by a hot wire anemometer at the nozzle exit and the precession frequency is identified from a power spectrum density analysis to the velocity signal.
22. The research status and recent progress of the spin wave emitting are reviewed, which is caused by spin-transfer torque and magnetization precession in the nanoscale magnetic multilayer.
23. The polynomial model fitting for radar cross section (RCS) of target is used for estimating the parameters of precession, which provides a new way for radar target discrimination.
23. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
24. The effect of obliquity variations may, in concert with precession, be amplified by orbital inclination.
25. It relies on experience for analyzing equipment failure and precession limitation in actual relay protection maintenance.
26. By considering the impact of perturbation, orbital characteristics are researched mainly from three aspects including precession of orbital plane, change of orbital inclination and rotation of apogee.
27. This conclusion is consistent with the hypothesis that the rotational axis of the minor planet has no precession.
28. The tilting of the gyro continues until the erection torque balances the torque producing the precession.
29. At one time, it is proved that the expression of precession is independent of Earth model.
30. In Egypt there exists a star clock for the Precession of the Equinoxes and an electric light bulb that dates to 2600 BC.
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