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Precedence in a sentence

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Sentence count:172+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-27Updated:2017-02-27
Synonym: antecedenceantecedencyanteriorityprecedencyprecessionprioritySimilar words: precedentunprecedentedprecederecedeantecedentprecedingcredencepreponderance of evidenceMeaning: [prɪ'sɪːdns /'presɪdəns] n. 1. status established in order of importance or urgency 2. preceding in time 3. the act of preceding in time or order or rank (as in a ceremony). 
1. The guests were seated strictly in order of precedence.
2. The longest-serving officer always takes precedence.
3. Precedence must be given to the injured in the evacuation plans.
4. You should give your schoolwork precedence.
5. Do we want a society where appearance takes precedence over skill or virtue?
6. The French kings claimed precedence over those of Spain.
7. The needs of the patient take precedence over those of the student doctor.
8. The order of precedence for titled nobility in Britain is duke, marquis, earl, viscount, baron.
9. Environmental concerns must be given precedence over commercial interest.
10. Guests were seated in order of precedence .
11. The elder son has precedence over the younger one.
12. National defense must take precedence over all other questions.
13. Ceremonial and precedence notably lost most of the power to agitate rulers and governments which they had hitherto possessed.
14. You should understand that knowledge takes precedence over corpses.
15. The imposed moral order held precedence over the claims of both truth and love.
16. Even in the home the male is given precedence in many obvious and subtle ways.
17. It precedence derives from the concept of parliamentary sovereignty.
18. Males were above females and age took precedence over youth.
19. Statute takes precedence over contract and other legal obligations.
20. Have as much fun as possible at college(, but don't let it take precedence over work.
21. The speakers came on to the platform in order of precedence .
22. She had to learn that her wishes did not take precedence over other people's needs.
23. Business people often think that fluency and communication take precedence over grammar when speaking.
24. The differing motives of collectors suggests that for some viewers content does takes precedence over form, and viceversa.
24. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
25. To prove his importance and so that his entrance was emphasised all entered in order of precedence.
26. Where the two aims were in conflict, the former was to take precedence.
27. Do we want legal and financial concerns to take precedence in the selection of resources for preservation?
28. But more important, and certainly more divisive, than such occasions was the endlessly controversial and emotionally potent question of precedence.
29. In these positions, qualities such as energy level, telephone voice, and sales ability take precedence over educational attainment.
30. The moral is that the need to clearly communicate findings must always take precedence over considerations of technical adequacy.
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