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Potassium permanganate in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2018-10-11Updated:2018-10-11
Similar words: permanganatepotassiumpotassium cyanidepotassium chloridemanganesegermaniumimpermanentferromanganeseMeaning: n. a poisonous salt that forms dark purple crystals and is purple-red when dissolved in water; used as an oxidizing and bleaching agent and as a disinfectant and antiseptic. 
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1. Some one has suggested I should try potassium permanganate, but what quantities per gallon should I use?
2. Potassium permanganate and sodium hypochlorite being added to anaerobic waste to speed the digestion process.
3. The major pollution indicators are dissolved oxygen, potassium permanganate, BOD, volatile phenol and petroleum.
4. Inflammation gynaecology can use potassium permanganate Mo?
5. Titration of potassium permanganate is simple, easy in the advantages of equipment.
6. It shows that the potassium permanganate composite (PPC) has a very good effect on coagulation treatment in the result of the experiment.
7. The starch, was oxidised with potassium permanganate to make starch glue. The reaction mechanisms and process parameter was introduced in this paper.
8. General targets have hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, potassium permanganate, and so on.
9. Macrobrachium rosenbergii, Copper sulfate, Potassium permanganate, Benzalkonium chloride, Osmolality , Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium, Total protein, Oxy-hemocyanin.
10. CONCLU- SION:Minicrystal cellulose and boric acid made Potassium permanganate hip bath tablets appearance cleaned and mould quality fine.
11. Ethanol can turn acidified potassium permanganate solution from purple to colorless when heated.
12. Titrate the solution with 0.01 M potassium permanganate until a light red colour appears.
13. Have infection can be used when potassium permanganate sitz bath, but strictly local scrub.
14. In surface water treatment, applying potassium permanganate to pre-oxidation instead of prechlorination may reduce the formation of trichloromethane.
15. Convenient and effective dyes for introducing into water flows include potassium permanganate, gentian violet, and methyl blue.
16. At the same time it is recommended that sufficient potassium permanganate crystals be added to the water to turn it violet.
17. The sergeant sat down, placed his feet into the ice-cold potassium permanganate solution and heaved a euphoric sigh of relief.
18. Theendothelial cells in culture were treated with linoleic acid hydroperoxide, and fixed by potassium permanganate solution.
19. The active C pool and CPMI(C pool management index) of soils under different agricultural ecosystem were discussed using potassium permanganate oxidation in this paper.
20. A new small-scale interfacial voltaic cell is shown to be satisfactory for potassium permanganate Oxidation-Reduction potentiometric titration in milligram and microgram amounts of the samples.
21. Glass alum treatment group adopted the treatment lotion Hip Bath, and compared to the control group taked a 0.02 percent solution of potassium permanganate Hip Bath warm water.
22. This paper has been studied to soak from the Chalcocite to take copper with the sal volatile containing the active reagent (ammonium peroxydisulphate or potassium permanganate).
23. Sodium formate from waste alkali liquor was analyzed by perchloric acid nonaqueous titration instead of potassium permanganate method, which caused larger deviation.
24. Is pubic Sao itchs to get disease of department of gynaecology? Clean with potassium permanganate go?
25. OBJECTIVE:To provide recommendation for the clinic on the optimal application concentration of potassium permanganate collyria.
26. Oxidation of phenanthrene for the preparation of phenanthrenequinone was studied by potassium permanganate in LR in the paper.
27. Method Applied the MKJ air disinfecting machine and methanal plus potassium permanganate Fumigating to disinfect the air in emergency room, and then compared the disinfecting effect among them.
28. PO130 serves as protecter of color on garment and prevent the color to be oxidized by potassium permanganate and bleaching agent.
29. Acetamidobenzoic acid was synthesized from 2-nitrotoluene via oxidation with potassium permanganate[], reduction with ion powder and amidation with acetyl chloride in an overall yield of 48.5%.
30. The experiment results show that A 1 is a good PTC for synthesis of ONBA with O nitrotoluene by oxidation of potassium permanganate.
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